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Because it's the core which raises these horses. Which takes you to those those steps. You know I I would say just that that the land that how price easily Initiating his father before him initiated state vibrant And carried on for raising really good horses which have continued to contribute to the breed. I would say that would be Because it's for her. It's always been about the horse you know and In the land and I would say also that the people whom allow her to celebrate an elevate to this incredible honor as pillar of the turf She would she would celebrate them. Steve and say you know without them. I wouldn't be in the role that I am. That's what that's what I question. And then the last thing she would say would be man. I have lived an incredible life. That's what she's the sweet And then really the any answer would have been would have been good That one is particularly great. And how about you? What what To this point because you know you're not retiring. Nobody retires in this business. You're not you're not giving that luxury no we. We don't work so we no reason to retire I would say. Wow you know mine is a chance to do. Just what I just said you know to continue in that water of of own that I mean how. How fortunate am I be into.

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