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Numbers. Well, triple A TSA, ESPN 887293776 real Quick update me on the Saints Raiders game really good game That's now at halftime. At one point, this thing's had a 17 to 7 lead, But Carlson is a 20 yard field goal for the Las Vegas Raiders. This game is now tied at 17. At half time that interception by breeze. He was rolling pretty good in the two minute offense, and then he hit the linebacker right between the numbers and all of a sudden you get points before the end of half time. And everything got a little different between the Saints and Raiders. Freddie will you not tell? We talked about this a lot. Points before the half in the last two minutes of the first half. You talk to any coach Nick Saban harps on this, maybe more than anybody else we've ever talked to. Devalues points before the half as double. So that's essentially a touchdown that in his in his mind and Sean Payton's mind those those two guys are good friends, right points for the half, especially off a turn over when you're looking to get points. Man, you talk about a momenta MME swing going and a half that that is a big big mistake by Drew Brees. He never saw the backer eating right between a five and a zero mixing, you know. Got ourselves a tie ball game and Derek Carr comes under a lot of flack. Give him some credit on third down in the first half, seven of eight for six first downs and a touchdown is only incompletion. We just saw it was a throw away in the right corner, 17 to 23 177 yards and two touchdowns. So far D Watertight is having a nice night, too. For the for the Las Vegas rays of five cats with 60 54 yards, But right now, a game tied at 17 between the Raiders and the Saints on Monday night football, the first game that Brian New Stadium in Las Vegas. A friend is going to stop by. Tell us what it's like to watch a game in that state, and he's going to do that in about 10 minutes. Other NFL news real quick Before we get to the likeable Lakers, the NFL has fine, not one, not two, but three coaches. Three coaches. We're not wearing masks on the field this weekend they have find so far. Big Fangio of the Denver Maragos, Pete Kallen, Seattle Seahawks, Cows stand hand of the San Francisco 5900 bucks each. We're not wearing masks on Sunday. Each of those teams we find another $250,000. You add it all up $1.5 million in fines for not wearing masks. By the way, John Gruden is doing the same thing not wearing a mask in the sidelines. But in Las Vegas Raiders boy the NFL Christmas Party's going to be big with all this money is hidden and finds our guys not wearing masks. I thought it would be like 25 grand for a coach, Freddie, not a Honda. And I like what the NFL is doing. Sending a very firm message. You don't mask up you go pay up. And can you imagine Go to your boss Say Well, not only is it cost us 100 thou But you got paid. 250,000 cost me 100 because you write to fifth. Yeah, meanwhile, where the damn mask period safety and financial reasons R right there by the PA Gutierrez way. Don't go talking about Tim. It's Let's bring him in. Now. ESPN phone Ace reporter covers the Raiders. He joins in Freddy and Fitz Simmons on ESPN Radio, the ESPN APP and accept Challenge 80 Paul number one. What is it? What is that stadium like we see it on TV. The first game in Las Vegas. What is it like being there where you are right now. Guys very bizarre. I mean, on a personal level, It's strange. You know, I went to UNLV. So the thought of the NFL ever coming in Las Vegas with something you never could even comprehend, let alone expect a fee. And now that it's here There's no fan. It sounds like a scrimmage. You can hear the pop of the pads all the way up here in the press box. And on top of that, it's It's kind of like with the rest of the world is going through. It's hurry up and wait. So it feels like that here in the stadium. I mean, it's got all the bells and whistles. You could imagine Carol Davis, the mother of Mark Davis, and the widow of Al Davis, she lifted The brand new Al Davis torch here in memory of him, So it's a lot of just kind of surreal experience is going on right now. And I know yeah, there's a game going on to I d. The states were in charge early on, and the Raiders have mounted a impressive comeback to tie this thing. The have 17 all. What have you seen? Describe what you watched. Basically, the Raiders could not get their running game going on in the first quarter was a mess for the Raiders. I mean, they could not stop the run, and they could not stop the same past Russian In the second quarter, Derek Carr was able to turn it around and uses intermediate past game to set other things up. Hey, look like a different player in the 2nd 2nd quarter after taking three sex for the first time in his career in the first quarter, so it looks like he's got some things going with himself right now. Drew Brees look like Super Sharp, one serious and he looked really slopping the next so It's kind of, you know, it seems like it's going to come down to who's got the ball last in this game, Which would be pretty amazing, considering the Raiders are such big underdogs Paul Gutierrez, ESPN and NFL Nature reporter covering the Raiders joining us on Friday and Fitz Simmons on ESPN radio. What has it been like in that city? Having an NFL team, even though fans can't go to the stadium right, knowing that that NFL team is there in that stadium and there to stay Well, put it this way, guys. I think the best way to put it is is, you know with the pandemic, there's been a lot of things that are shut down. Obviously different states. Different counties have different rules. But Las Vegas for some reason. Last night at 11 59 PM opened up the bars, so the fact that they had to do with the Raiders and the Raider fans coming into town. May or may not have something to do with that. But I'm a I'm a conspiracy theorist every now and again, and that's the way this down. Let's welcome the team and you see Raider Gear and Raider fans as New York, New York, the casino on the corner here of Tropicana in the Las Vegas Strip. The Statue of Liberty. She's rockin a number 20, Raiders jersey yourself, So it's pretty interesting. That's hilarious. It looks like a big Roomba. I mean, that looks like on TV. My offer me what you describe it. Yeah, I know from the outside. It definitely looks like a room. But when you're inside, you know Mark Davis told me he gave me a tour on Thursday and then the teacher showed up on a horse entered as well as Ah, Monday night countdown and you know, he welcome everybody to the death star. I told him that if you know, Mark, I don't know if you're a Star Wars guy or not, Obviously, you know your Star Wars. We're gonna call it the death star. But, you know, I think I've blown up twice three times. If you count the new movies, many looked at me and he laughed. And he said, Well, that was their death star. My Our guest star is built in the last, so it's pretty cool inside. It's a total football stadium. It's a raider stating with the color scheme. And the one end it's inspired by the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with Parris Island a torch and when the windows opened up on that side, you're looking at the Las Vegas Strip with all the glittering casinos in the background Outstanding. Someone called Paul Gutierrez, ESPN NFL Nation Report He comes the Raiders in a month. What a P. Gutierrez ESPN great stuck by him joining us a halftime of the Saints and Raiders. One Freddie and Fitz Simmons. Paul Appreciate my friend enjoy the second half as well. Gentlemen, have a nice night..

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