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In a way exactly all the fs you're pointed to that what breathing achilles heel you want me to get more specific how 'bout ryan edison and bar malta are eric gordon travel a result click cappella these brothers give planners did not scrub they're not screw up pj tucker told me they did not scrubs they could play they got five different guys shoot thirty eight percent of better from 3point range but still is the killies here because i don't believe that where they account i can't trust them against golden state i believe i could trust odd i'll give a damn what hardened for trouble harden said in a pet two big he's there real he is serious and i think he will show up i don't have any doubt about chris ball whose w play the conference finals and i still don't have a problem with chris paul i believe that chris paul and james on it won't show up i believe golden state will dare so one else to beat them and i go serious question as to whether or not those are the dudes on houston can pull it off that's their killy's he'll the supporting cast a cp three and james harden who i don't believe there can play they can play and i like them alive but when you talk about trust in them for a championship i got questions about them and those questions killy's he'll of the senate office he's the ruckus not to mention mike they told he because as great as he is he's never coast the finals either and i'm wondering about them defensively as well.

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