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And i thought that fox separated himself knows rounds to make it clear to make a clear case of what's clip because what i described early whether there was some give and take and know body work to make clear that he deserved to get that and it should be only one guy getting his hand race and it should have been fox so i think that's a fair way of breaking it down for me for my position To to give all elements of it. The way i saw it again. Just you know i. It's to the point. Like i used to get upset over the years corner fights. Espn like the worst thing that the sport has done to us with these corrupt and inept officials and incompetent officials as that. It makes you almost say well. What do you expect. it's boxing and that's terrible. That's dangerous because we should never get to that point where was so knob but we are to that point. Where was so numb where we say. What do you expect. that's boxing. Yeah yeah it's terrible you scream for a few minutes and then you go back to business as usual and nothing happens. You know that these judges you know how many fights i've seen. It was so horrible. Can that we even worse than as i know. That's hard to wrap your mind around. But even worse. Because i i've seen so much so much and then the judge is working next week. The nothing happens it happens. And that's the thing that i used to always get on. Have some accountability. You know suspend these judges fire these judges sanctions judges take take their take their take that job away into. They show that they've earned the back. I've said it many times. I have no. It's not it's it shouldn't be an order. It's not an automatic thing that you get a license you have to earn a license privilege. You know i. It's it's not something that that is just given. It's a privilege that you have a license when you no longer showed that you deserve that privilege. You should lose it. I mean you lose your driver's license when you show that you can't drive properly anymore. It gets taken away from you. You have too many accidents you know your license gets taken away. Why because you deserve to have it anymore because the people in charge say. Hey you're dangerous. You could hurt somebody. Well guess what. These judges shouldn't have their license because they're dangerous. They could and do hurt somebody. They hurt these fighters korea's these fighters that take punches to get to that place and they earn the right. They finally get there to make money for their family. Because that's part of why that donut and that's a big part of why we do what we do. And they get there and now they have to chance and it gets taken away and they have to go to the back of the line again and take all those punches again to get there again if they ever get there and in this case maybe a rebadged is going to be ordered because of how barris the wb is right to save face to make it look like they care which they don't put make it look like they care but here's the problem. He might not be what he was that night he might be but it might not be the stars might not line up perfectly the way they did physically emotionally mentally in every way for him. So that's my take on it. It's terrible as i said The great brian kennedy said you know. He said it's the worst that he's seen. It's not the worst. I've seen but it's it's bad enough. It's pretty damn bed and you know the saddest staying is what i touched on earlier. That gets to us to a place. Where we shrug our shoulders after a while we just move on. But we're not shrug it on sodas. Well do what you to your credit You the one who brought it up to me. I always give credit where credit still. You're the one who brought it up and said we need to touch on this and so we are touching on it. And hopefully we've done a justice of for this kid fox That that he deserves to be done. Yeah well hopefully michael fox a chance to get back to where he was. It was an awesome performance. And hopefully we can do up heart and seeing that he gets some form of justice here. It's really a travesty. What they did but hey it is what it is man. There's so much that we could. We could spend a day on this talking about everything that went wrong here but without being said spent has a torn retina. unfortunately he's out yougov last minute replacement. Pack yao coming up this weekend. We have the awesome fight plan that we put together for spence pack. Yeah i believe. Rob is gonna posted on thursday anyway just to you guys idea of what we were thinking about in anticipation of that fight but given the last minute replacement teddy. What do you look for for from this fight now. With how much of an impact is this going to have on. Pack ya'll's preparation. And what are you. Give goss inch in regards to his chances against pac. Ya with a last-minute last minute fight last last minute to prepare for this type of fight. Well first of all the first thing that should be understood to the audiences oguz not a last minute replacement in a way that he's not prepared As far as conditioning and training for five because he was on the undercard. He's got he's got the belt he's got the title the funny thing. The interesting thing about this is that he's got it's the wb all right. I just wanna make sure that i'm correct. Yeah he's got the. Wb oh well you look for that. I'll just go on. He's got the wb. Oh title And he'll be defending that title now against paquito and like i said he's not he's not stepping in in a way where it's allows minute replacement way. He didn't have time to pet. He's been in a full training camp because he was defending his title on cod. He was fighting on on a undercard of this show. So he's a guy who's ready. He's in shape it's b. all right can he. He's ready it says. Wba so you know. He's got the boat. Here's the ironic part of it because we try to bring everything to the fans. He's got the belt that was taken away from here. The patio or right. He's got the twelve pack. Had no ring now the the reasoning the excuse that the w i guess it's wpa definitely w the reasoning that the wnba us to take that belts away from him was that he was inactive now. Everybody was inactive for covert. And everything else going on. But that pat cow was inactive so a. They took the beltway and they gave the in term belt They let oguz fight for the internal about an oguz. Won the interim belt Here's of course what they forget to tell you was stat. They didn't use. They didn't use his same sort of Standard for for keith thurman key thurman earlier years earlier he had been inactive two two and a half years and they didn't strip him at given a term title yet they strip pack yell and they they allowed oguz of course to wind up getting this interim title. But why didn't they strip. Why did they strip pack not stripped armand because terminal was more in line will be in buddies with them. You know being friendly with them you know pactel's the kinda guy that you know. He's not always friendly with everyone in that way. he's he's a great guy. He helps filipino. People he's one of the greatest humanitarian javer gonna meet He gives most of his plenty away to the great filipino people. He helps those people. He's a congressman over there. You helps them that way too. I mean is this special man. This is a selfless man. That does things that very few people do besides what he does inner ring. I'm about what he does outside the ring. But you know he doesn't always cared about you know an organization getting their blood sucking Fees and sanctioning fees that they get that they get them you know he doesn't care so much about belts and they wanna make sure that they have a guy who's representing them that's going to continue to represent them that they can continue so you have to think for a minute at has to be part of the analysis here into this fight that if does fighters competitive or because they don't even care this so erica rob. Somebody's we just talked about with the foxfire. Even if it's not real competitive there still rob ya. But that's just say give them a little bit of credit and say they're not quite that bold but they are but if to fight is close you wonder evoke ass- is gonna be a lot of people say oh no not over pack help because first of all patio follow..

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