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We save lives here this is what's fascinating to me about the story this is dehydration what he's been working really hard she's going to be back tomorrow because she wants to finish a book whose ship shooting the shows that they're already pointed out shooting because this is her fifty th hug routes show for when we live in a tree falls in as head seasons in ten seasons there that's amazing wendy well i am just windy williams i mean nobody knows from whence she came or why is this all indicated show at a nobody america has anybody watch it i don't know i've noticed you those sorts of the tiger dr dope she gets up with the bigger stars with a come through town just like graham nash grabbed as visit talk show now yes but are used to disable the world singhaseni david crosby was fast and then of course you know with graham norton do you know the guy though who you're talking about you had you noticed this though they all of its we talked about that before i have no idea the only thing is that it's britain wrote i guess that's the probably the may showed to go on to promote your wears down yeah and so you know that's what you're doing the undue those guys don't mean literally i got news for a mom pocket will in the middle of the country uh george clooney doesn't show up jimmy kimmel just because he feels like stop and by.

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