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Four year old girl has died from the flu and the little girl's father who says he took her to the hospital just last week is heartbroken. WBZ? TV's Beth Germano tells us days later, the little girl took a turn for the worse on my family before we. The people to believing he says pootie rats may became ill last Tuesday. But doctors at Lowell General Hospital said give her Tylenol and take her home. But he knew something was still wrong a C tyrod and sees sleeps when her illness took a turn for the worst last Saturday. He called nine one one. She was taken away in an ambulance. But died later that day leaving him confused about the care she received from doctors. My daughter's sake down knowing she is the third pediatric flu related death. This season a twelve year old boy from Milford and a four year old girl from framingham. Have also died low will public health officials say as tragic as these cases are there's been no uptick in flu cases this year. It's seven oh two. And on the south shore Carver police officer is okay tonight after a close call with some live wires, he was trapped in his cruiser this morning. This all started after ten o'clock after a logging truck failed to lowered spoon and took down some wires in Carver more from WBZ TV's on rita's Rodriguez. Jessica DuPree was on her way. What appointment one her sister called? You. Couldn't imagine the fear. I was having for the whole house. She said it was an earthquake one of the two utility poles. Damaged is connected to Frayn's barn. The impact sent livewires right into her horses. Ped- could've fell on me. She said..

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