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Just shocked at no other country in the world juice that to me was like that is a treat is a Christmas we're having Welsh's grape juice 'cause it was expensive turns out that as I grew up I continued to love will drink and you will drink Yusen red wine oh yeah like a great popsicle gray but just I want to be sure you're taking the right vitamins gets personalized daily vitamin pack delivered each month with GNC for you get started Ed GNC or you dot com that's GNC the number four the letter U Dot Com live. Well here's Bob and Sheri so call my daughter Landon she's three weeks away from delivering roughly three weeks away just to check in on her I called her again yesterday and I try not to my girl's crazy with calls they busy lives and let's face it and kind of self absorbed but I've been calling her a whole lot more lately just as see how she's feeling and she saying it's getting kind of tough and I just I just sit back and listen to her and you know it's until something is right upon me I sometimes don't really take in that it's reality then all of the things that it means whereas Mary the day after landing announced that she was pregnant Mary was out buying you know the kid close to take the college so like me she's totally different but you know I'm into it now and we have we have some of the gifts that we're going to be bringing to Chicago and we got our plane tickets all set to go blah Blah Blah and so I'm I'm reading articles about arms which normally you know I may or may not you know read and this one was about and I thought you would like this second time moms how how second time moms are different from first time moms and if you're a father out there and you observed your wife or if you're a mama there this this will all Probably strike a chord second time moms realize you don't need every possible gadget you just don't you don't some of them you won't even you won't even use Each kid is totally different so followed their lead you know each kid has a different personality so you just can't say it's cookie cutter does that make sense to you did you experience that as a dad yeah definitely definitely I mean Allie was more into sports than landon ones from when my were babies that they were completely right right right be more confident as apparent because you might know that you're doing something right right you've got a little experience in their go with the flow or you will go crazy that's probably the most important thing because you you just can't control everything with the kid they're like they're like crazed animals you know you just have to kind of go there GonNa do something terrible they're going they're going to spill something they're going to stay in something it's okay if you can't do it all speak to that as a mother what you can it and anyone that like on instagram acting like they are doing it all right is curated and lies lies lies in fact I just saw there's an interior designer in Australia uh who has a family to really small children's husband the works and her instagram her home is gorgeous and everything about it just looks her kids bedroom everything the kitchen everything's always flawless bright while she recently did a thing where she showed you the picture and then she showed you all the as you didn't see in the picture so here's picture A. and it's this gorgeous kitchen every surface spotless and shining picture be just out of site tucked underneath the counters on the floor all the dirty dishes and pans and cereal box that she got out of the way wept out of the way to prepare sir or life is like it's a man I know it is that is what your life for the most part is Lord Yeah but then you see something in the movies you know and the kitchen is it's got twelve foot ceilings everything is white and it's perfect overlooking the ocean next one trust your gut even if not everybody agrees I agree with him ask for help when you need it the hard moments pass talked that yeah they the they last like that night where everyone has the stomach flu and the entire family is vomiting simultaneously that night will feel like it lasts a thousand years but then you'll look back on it and you'll be you'll laugh and hope it never ever happens again the harm the hard moment stupid-ass except for colic which is around for just about eleven months one one of my kids okay if you're eating apologize one of my kids when she's little are you ready one of my kids we we hi chicken Parmesan and unbeknownst to me you know little kids come down with something when they're sick really fast four o'clock in the afternoon they're like having the best life ever and at eleven o'clock that night you don't know whether or not you should have them airlifted to a hospital so we had chicken Parmesan for dinner and o'clock that night I woke up to to find that she was standing next to my bed throwing up on my pillow where my head was and that was terrifying and then I said honey honey on issues like open row and I went up and her room looked like Mike Demons had been in there she threw up on the bed the lamp the floor the table yeah I didn't even know where to be India up yet they never do that in the afternoon they only do that in the middle hanging on every parent has spent the past being with a newborn is not that stressful I don't know about that one boy at first you just so nervous so focused I the first one but even the second one is everything that took me awhile and finally babies really don't need shoes now and This is true very true they don't want peace I swear we we're going through this with Andrew Kevin's oldest his wife the baby registering ninety. percent of those things you'll use once or not at all this was saying I know you don't need every tool gets you a stroller and like monitor breast pump stuff so a twenty one year old man in Argentina wanted to get a job with the airport police and when he looked at the application he realized that he would not be allowed to have any visible tattoos and he had a fairly big tattoo on his arm and there would be no way to hide it so he removed that Tattoo using cheese grater bloody you must really want that job how that workout for them well we had to go get a tetanus shot he said quote it hurt and it bled a lot and I had to bandage it a lot It's the tetanus shot and then a week later I had to go get a tetanus shot my favorite thing that he said was quote my family disagreed with this decision could buy that it was already done he did not realize that rubbing metal F- against his skin give him a problem Oh peter meanwhile the owner of Mending Tattoo in Buenos Aires tells the media quote it is risky to remove a tattoo with cheese discreeter go and we all agree Moron two eight eight two six two seven four three seven and we will send this one directly to your phone is an example of you have to correct something and you do a ghastly scholar Mazer removal laser not cheese grater no they sound similar but they're different all right let's go to Manhattan doc Chelsea piers in Manhattan is like an amusement pier with lots of high-end things you can do including a seventy five mile an hour adding cage well a lawyer named Ethan Records Fifty Two said he practiced all summer in slower batting cages. building up his skill level so that he could go to the seventy five mile an hour cage Chelsea piers so the deal is for people who batting cage the Balser coming at you at different speeds at different cages seventy five miles an hour probably ten miles fifteen miles per hour under major that one more time steps into the seventy five mile an hour batting cage for the first time and he feels confident he's been practicing here's what he said woke pickup the bat take a step feel really good when all of a sudden I was blindsided by a seventy five mile an hour ball that career my right thigh ricocheted my testicle and I fell.

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