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So just on even know what to say about dean heller is just it it he's politically plane this terribly terribly like they're you can do one of two ways like i think you you guys like those on monday but one solution it one view is ominous opposed this i may get a primary challenge graham them on the person and most likely to win amnesty and strong by what i believe him a fight that the other way which is it is bad for his state but it is a different political strategy is essay i have all iran saying i was going to repeal obamacare i have voted for it seven times or whatever and that's what ahmadou on outside a perfect bill by its there is what i said i was going to deliver for my voters on a stand strong in that position you have to pick one of the two paths he hit he can astra and carry what it's like if your position is you voted for before you voted against it it is it never plays well never plays well so you mean everyone during its jackie rosen's campaign rosen for nevada dot com um let's loyd yet dean heller out of the senate in eighteen th he's probably our best best shot at a republican to defeat and then like shelley moore capito and rob portman somehow have decided that uh an extra you know five billion or 100 billion uh and funds for helping people who get kicked off their medicaid is going to make up for like seven hundred and fifty billion dollars and medicaid cuts fairly there you know math genius and that's okay with them so they're sort of on board now um rand paul who is a no vote he likes the s the skinny repeal because he's being promised all kinds of things by mcconnell for what happens in the committee in the committee there's no doubt that this repeal that that that this individual mandate repeal employer mandate repeal will turn into something larger that basically does cut medicaid which is john cornyn gave away the game yesterday when he said over take care of medicaid and conference committee.

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