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It's pretty amazing pretty mazing triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three. This is kind of interesting. Can we show? The the plague that hit in mecca at the grand mosque. No. Yeah. Like the plague of locusts at the grand mom's. The kid. I mean, they're everywhere. They're everywhere. All over the building all over the floor. They show a scene outside the with the month flying toward the mosque. And there's just a locust plague hitting this musk in. And all you could really outside pet. That's just outside. It's not like these they're they are inside whole they're all over inside too. So. I don't even know what you would do about that. Well, let's you do too. Catch him in Cookham, call it a night Gus one way to go a little bit of fried. Go pray somewhere else. I think at this point. Yeah. Gross. I mean, I don't I don't know if they closed the mosque because of this, but we pretty much have to. I would think you would. That is his are. I don't think I've ever seen that before. On it's such beautiful part of the world. Right. You don't expect to see or something grotesque like that happening? No. You don't. Are you trying to? No. I'm just saying that we see that just don't in the Middle East. Exactly what I said. And it just prompts me to say. That's weird. That's weird. There's a plague at the grand mosque. Things that make you go hurts. That's weird. Not only does it make me go. But it also makes me say that's weird weird. It's weird. There you go. All right. Triple eight nine hundred making it though. That's what because it's can't make. I don't know what you will. You would make that at all have no idea. I also like defect that the rock is speaking out against everybody who's offended by everything that ever happens or future. President look it's time. Right. I mean came after Bryan Cranston for being the handicapped guy in the wheelchair. Now. His in his latest show. Yeah. And just enough is enough. Yes. That would be nice. But that's not gonna happen though. Right. They're not gonna they're not gonna stop..

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