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Mean that garages. It just keeps all the cookies cold brilliant so again. if there's any axes x guys out there that have been there twice. I want to know. Because i'm gonna put you on my podcast which i was like. Does he have a podcast. He should spur. he doesn't shed. He almost was the radio. Vin scully of the padres. They were like auditioning to be you know. What do you call that. A baseball announcer announcer. He he got to the final level like they just they did open call thing or fifteen hundred people showed up and he got down to the last couple of people and he got to announce a game and padres stadium rabbits. Yeah he also was in the Seaworld he was one of the chilean Announcer guys for the the show with the dogs and the cats and he's a great guy. He's an actor. He's a professor and he's a playwright and he has several books out matt thompson. Yeah and he's our voice actor for some of our characters. Yeah in the very beginning Let's hear his other one too. Because i thought this was interesting. This was his his valentine's day story about you. All right yeah so One of the great ones was Valentine's day twenty something sometime in the twenty first century Yeah so it was valentine's day. we were just. We weren't together. We just as really said we were just having fun. So i understand that. That's that means having fun and not being serious. We've been friends for several years before that. So valentine's day came around and i didn't get anything for her and she was working in an office some production office and i said okay. Wh why. why aren't there any flowers. Oh you want flowers. No yes are we we dating no so then i finally got flowers and then i didn't get flowers and then she was mad that i didn't get flowers but then she was mad that i was asking her to get the flowers And then i said are we dating or we just kind of now. We're dating dating for this day. So we're just dating only for valentine's day and then we stop dating went back to just having fun so But the best lane was when she said. I'm a woman dammit. Oh okay. I got that part but i understand also why ended up divorced. So what's up with that story. What was going on with the do you remember. Is that how it happened. Kind of i will take responsibility for that. I was kinda terrible at that time and probably did the thing of like no. You don't have to get anything and will he should know that. I really want something and then do you want something. No forget it okay. So you don't okay. Well yes i do deal want. The flowers are not sure. It was something where i was just like. Well he should read my mind. This is it. I know after seven years of marriage. I've realized i do have to kind of spell out what i want. And luckily he's kind of taken notes over the years so now he knows like go overboard even if i say i don't want much get the get the jewelry. Get the flowers. Get the nice card. So i got all those nice things. Would you like to see my lovely urine two days ago. A beautiful little set. While this i put on another bracelet on top of it but look at this. It's my In it's really pretty. It's like a heavy duty stuff. Yeah and then matching hearings. He can see and then the not really look at that. How brady not a nip slip. That is my steam burn. I tried to get wrinkles out while i was wearing the clothes and look at this. Well it's like what. Yeah it looks. Like a big oblong awful Yeah and i have to go to kabul in a bathing suit with this huge thing on my chest. No i'm so mad at myself his blistering and skins coming off. I couldn't sleep the other night because it was all raw anyway. This is the last minute stuff. I do too where you just go. It was four interview for the film. Guest you are okay. We'll talk about your late problem later. Oh i'm trying to get better. It's covert i'm blaming it on covid. There's no hard times schedule i know. Okay and the last one is Lake talk blake blake for many years. I wanna say twenty five years and He has been a good friend. Ever since we went out. And i want to say two years. I am so bad with time in days and everything so i don't know but i think it was two years and we lived together in this crazy oakwood apartments which was like he was going to san francisco state and i was going to san francisco city college. We're both doing film. And so all we did is like film projects. Stay up late and yell at each other. Just like we'll sign this office tickets. You have anything the only just taxing the new one is thinking of is when you were playing exploded at what when you were playing your socks owned oakwood. What happened It was you know eight thirty. I earn so on a sunday night and usurp playing sides fun. And i said i think that's to lao. Look we're in an apartment building. He said shut up and then he continued and then the security guard accent door is like. Hey man you can't player sexist way tonight bro. And i was like okay. Yes sorry like. I had to take a away. Even though i was pleased to say something about blowing your sex bro. He took the blame. It was my saxophone. I played and he didn't want me to. That reminds me of that. You just said to you of the tiktok girl who was like apartment building gotta show. Yeah and it's the The pink panther theme song. Which i know i know. That's the only your co two.

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