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For the forty Niners to get an up close and personal look at some of the prospects for the upcoming draft, which as we know is going to be critical for this forty Niners raging. Joining us now on the guests line as he does well, usually on Fridays, but this week we're having him on Thursday. It is our good friend Brian peacock locked on forty Niners podcast. Yeah. Over a million downloads. No big deal. All right. So we heard the sound there. Kyle Shanahan breaking down the south team in their their final huddle before their last little little get together before the senior bowl on Sunday. I'm sure you saw the story about western Illinois, D tackle Kaelin Saunders saying I don't need to be there for the birth of my kid. I got a senior bowl to go play at. I'm trying to earn my stripes in get drafted in the NFL, but it all series. How much of an advantage? You think this is for shanty and his coaching staff to get an up close and personal look at these guys. I think it's really important for those players that are there, and they get to know him. And and you see how a player practices. See how it works. He what kind of a person you're dealing with. I think it's a huge advantage. And we've seen in years past teams. Do you go back to the senior bowl when they coach it in draft guys from there. I think the forty Niners the last few times they've coached if if drafted to three or four guys from their senior bowl roster. Yeah. And just to to get that little extra glimpse. I mean, we know that you know, we have limited teams have limited access to these players leading up to the draft. There's so many rules and so much stuff involved with the collective bargaining agreement. So this really is just bonus time to to really evaluate these players. And then of course, watching play a game on Sunday that he's a little consequence. But again a chance for these guys to show a little bit what they can do Pro Bowl coming up this weekend. And nobody cares about the Pro Bowl. We had a little fun tonight. And the fact that I don't remember the. Last time. I watched a probe. What about you you ever watch the Pro Bowl be peacock don't line up? No. I think I did once like in the nineties. Yeah. Actually, it's funny. I watched it was I was living in Chico, California. It was nineteen ninety nine and a not only did I have a bad hangover. But I'd I'd worked out the day before. And I hadn't worked out in a couple of months, and I went way too big. So you know, when you get like the armed anes from lifting weights. That's I was laying in bed with a bad hangover, and I was in excruciating pain from lifting too many weights. And so I laid in my bed rolling around and watch the Pro Bowl, I think that actually contributed to my pain and suffering that day. I'm definitely a senior bowl over Pro Bowl kinda guy. And I think our ton might have crossed paths might have crossed in Chico. I was there around the same time ninety nine to two thousand three ish you probably bought some pot from me, then no big deal. All right. Hey, but about the Pro Bowl a time for a couple of forty Niners to get recognized for terrific seasons. I mean, deforest Buckner and in George Kittle in particular Robbie goal just been fricking automatic. But just for deforest Buckner and George kiddle. I think as younger players in the league they've really made their Mark is a couple of the best players in the league at their respective positions. Absolutely. Do those guys are studying they're building blocks for the forty Niners. And they hit with George kiddle. When John Lynch was hired. He said he wanted to draft his stars. And they weren't going to be big in free agency. And you've seen the I two free agent periods. They've gone through. They didn't really try to go big. And they wanted to drop their stars in the inherited deforest Buckner who a rookie of the year before a drafted at least one star so far and George kill. And they've got a huge opportunity to do that again with the number two pick this year. But that's those are building blocks for sure for the forty Niners long-term. Yeah. As we get a little closer to the draft. Be will. We'll delve into some specific personnel and guys that they should be targeting. I mean, these mock draft are going to change a lot in the coming weeks. And we'll see if the forty Niners even in a position where maybe they wanna trade back into choir some, more pigs. I don't think that that's the worst course of action provided they can get somebody with whatever selection. They they have. I for them is a guy that they're targeting, and they can absolutely one and can help the squad. We got a little news. Earl Mitchell's not going to be back next year. What does this do to the depth at that position? You know, kinda going forward. I know the line is something they definitely want to be addressing anyway. Yeah. They think they have so many bodies to complete the interior. They're not worried about it and DJ Jones the second year guy proved a he could be that nose tackle. And he really took over at the end of the year. Anyway, so they weren't going to pay him the twenty nineteen option Earl missile that is to to stick around. So everybody likes him to be writers loved him good locker room guy. But it was just a it was time to move on. They've got a guy that they want to start at nose, and that's DJ Jones, at least in base packages. And then in sub they've got a number of big bodied ends. They can kick inside and Robert solid talked about Eric Armstead plan some sub package nose tackle. And got Sheldon day in Selma. Thomas is probably best doing that. As an end on the outside and in base, and then going inside on sub. So they got a lot of guys to play in rush from the interior. Now, they just need that outside guy. I love it. When you differentiate base versus just gets me so excited. Just makes me long for football and PR Garson. It's probably a formality at this point. He's not going to be back next year. Also, Malcolm Smith talk to me about those guys. Yeah. The both of those guys I finger in the same boat, and they're all part of that free agent class. And you know, it's a bummer for them because they're deal was look we're gonna we're gonna sign you. Because we have a blink roster in we need guys we can trust. It can come in and start some games for awhile. But we get good. You're not going to be here anymore. And so that's I think the forty Niners are hoping that they're going to be good now. And then the last couple of years of those contracts. I think even when they signed you knew they weren't going to earn those entire deals, and so I would be surprised actually if peer Garson or mountain Smith are around next year, Malcolm Smith, maybe has an opportunity to stick just because of the the Reuben foster stuff down one more linebacker, but they'll probably address another linebacker either in free agency or the draft. So those guys might also be on their way out. Yeah. And that's you make an interesting point Brian Garcia thing. I can. Totally see that in you can find receivers out there that cost a lot less than pure Garson. Maybe they could bring back Malcolm restructuring the deal possibly because I don't think that there's some overwhelming amount of depth of the linebacker position in the guy did have some productive years up in Seattle. I mean, there's a reason why the forty Niners thought that he'd be a nice fit here in this scheme. But it just hasn't come to fruition because he's been so banged up talking to Brian peacock. Locked forty Niners podcast rankled with you on tonight at beady peacock on Twitter, you know, where to find him a boy conference championships Sunday man, I think like while I was talking to Kirk Morrison. It's like we needed an extra week, especially this year. It's nice to have two weeks in between the conference championships and the Super Bowl just to digest everything that happened that was a hell of a day of football. And you know, it's funny, Brian, you know, here the LA Rams forty Niners division rival. But I think it bodes well for the, you know, the young cats in the NFL coaches and players maybe that next generation, I think for. A head coach Kyle Shanahan to see Sean McVay and really for forty Niners fans to see Sean McVeigh with this Rams team in the Super Bowl knowing how quick they turn things around. I think that should make forty Niners fans reasonably optimistic. Even though it sucks a division rival go to the Super Bowl. Absolutely. And there's a lineage there with shannahan in McVay and a lot of those coaches that have worked with either one of them and directly under them. And of course, McVay worked under Shanahan in Washington. They're getting hired away from other teams. So there's obviously some talent there and they are in demand in. So I think things are looking up and you've gotta be excited for your forty Niners fan your coach in his tree is already in demand. When he's not even forty years old yet. And I think the long term of this division in the that Rams forty Niners the forty Niners. Gotta catch up a little bit. And and they've you know, they were behind the Rams roster wise, but this season this offseason, the least could be a nice little boost in in and be what they need to go along with a healthy. Jimmy Garoppolo to be ready to go. Oh, and and make that a rivalry next year. Is it going to be asking too much of Jimmy Garoppolo next year from the jump coming off a rebuild ACL to kinda hit the ground running? Because the one thing I know for a fact Brian this regime cannot afford to get off to a slow start next year this team needs to have success in the month of September. And for various reasons the first two years it has not happened in. You got a you know, a quarterback making a ton of scratch coming back off a rebuilt ACL. There's obviously going to be some new faces here as you would expect with a team that's lost as many games as the forty Niners have the last couple of seasons. But I almost feel like they don't have that wiggle room anymore. The honeymoon's over like it's time to win. And unfortunately, that's coincided with bringing quarterback who's coming off a serious knee injury. Yeah. And I think that's why they have to be a little bit more urgent in this free agent period than they were the first couple of years because they've got to win they've got to win early. And if the aren't winning, you know, five six. Games into the year next year. We're going to start talking about jobs, and the jobs might be you know, tenuous so they have to win they have to win early. I don't think it's too much to put on Jimmy Garoppolo because it's it's time. I it's time to play well and as long as that needs good. And if you're looking for the upside of that knee injury had happened really early in the season. So plenty of time to be ready to go, and they're even talking about him being ready to go and not as so forget about camp or even the beginning of the season. He'll be ready to go earlier in the offseason to at least start doing work in. He's already thrown and stuff. So you you've got to put your hoping they paid him. He's a veteran quarterback. Now, he's been around the system he should know the system well enough, you should be able to hit the ground running for sure in week one. I think the forty Niners should expect that in a perfect world. Brian who leads the forty Niners in receiving next year. I would say perfect world Dante Pettis because he's been around, but that might be amended by a draft pick and say the top of the second round pick thirty six overall or you think a rookie straight. I was gonna say you think a second round pick. You know, what this group they have here with good win..

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