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Exam when you got money in the bank and you're snipe it in the nhl i mean i don't know i don't know how miserable he wasn't class the next day and for people who said he's back flexing on harvard i mean that's maybe most unpowered worse look in group of women are any college in the country so it's not not anything to be going back flexing of all your report think killed debut in class at very koss i went to harvard you know how you tell somebody you know how you can tell somebody you meet went to harvard no they tell you they tell you so you know it looks great i think a lot of other teams i mean i know anaheim would love to add troy terry two minute denver losers dollar they could go on and win the blaze again quick quick i'd like to mention my bu terriers after kind of up and down regular season they started out poorly they finished strong went onto win the huskies championship so that's how they got their bit into the nc double attorney so that's exciting good time in the area grenell you are call jockey guy who's your pick this year i like denver i like troy terry henrik bork shrimp tangible let on the back end i i love denver to repeat this year or the stream of real aboard shrimp for people who don't know finish kid florida panthers draft pick i've talked to a couple scout to call me he has the chance to be like one of the top point producers in the nhl in a couple of years he's that skilled he got big and strong so florida team that's getting better this year and our with a lot of young guys is only going to be better next year.

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