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Does your basement or crawl space have damp musty odors do you worry about indoor gases and pollutants everyday living generates moisture that can nourish mold and odors even asthmatic triggers indoor pollutants linked to respiratory ailments birth defects and cancers can become trapped in your home you can't buy health but you can buy wave's moisture control and air quality products wave home solutions for a dry healthy home satisfaction guaranteed go to dry home one two three dot com that's dry home one two three dot com war poverty and disaster have left millions of children around the world orphaned abandoned alone when their parents can't be there sos children's villages is there sos children's villages is the world's largest nonprofit for orphaned and abandoned sheltering in one hundred and 34 countries including the us they provide vulnerable children with a loving and stable family medical care in an education children me crisis are counting on you to make a difference in the life of a child go to sos dash usa dot org the tradition of dropping something from the sky for new year's isn't limited to new york times square correspondent jan johnson fills us in on what will be dropping from a few other places to ring in 2018 creditors are among the favorite objects that some localities drop from the sky for new year's only a few of them are live animals a threefoot toll ceramic flee falls on east over north carolina which used to be known as the town of flee prairie to sheen wisconsin host the dropping of the karp east port main drops of sardine and a stuffed muskrat falls over princess a maryland college board action saw wisconsin cap off the winningest season in school history by topping miami 34 24 in the orange bowl penn state picked up a fiesta bowl victory over washington 35 28 in the liberty ball iowa squeezed past memphis and mississippi say got past louisville in the tax layer bowl arbor kusak hey america we need to have world saw we've got more food than we know what to do within his country yet seventeen million kids in america are struggling with hunger makes.

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