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It's not everyone likes to blame. Everybody else. Meanwhile, thinking, you know, they're the caucus the walk. Yeah. Sure. How long do you think you'll do this show? Grazing. Yeah. Not too much longer to be honest. Obviously I can't announce when I'm ending now. But you know, I'd like to end it on a high note, how many countries are you in two hundred ninety six so so even if you ended it it doesn't end it goes on forever and ever and ever we have three hundred nineteen episode myself. I'm signs I contract assigned through season sixteen. So I'm contractually obligated young season sixteen if the show does well this year we will get picked up for another year. So I'll definitely do that. If the fans stay with us this year and we get another season. Then then I will definitely do season sixteen for sure after that. I don't know. And how many episodes directed just to just to tell me about that? What do you find pleasure in the Debbie Allen, who's one of our executive producers? Who's also, I'm so grateful to have. I've such an icon in my life. She was the one who was like your director you need to direct your director. And I said, you know, I don't want to take the time. I hear enough, Debbie. I spent enough time here, I don't need to be here more. And she was said, I I really need you to stretch her wings. I really want us to out of your comfort zone. You really should do it. And it's true. I've been in the same job, and you know, for a long time, you know, it is a comfort zone, and there's a lot to be said for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing new things. So I thought okay, I'll do it. And I did it and it was great experience. And I did it again. And it was another great experience, but it is really time consuming. And so a lot of lot more preparation to you. Also in that episode in directing yourself, always concept of directing yourself. I'm super lucky because Debbie if I'm in a scene, Debbie will come and help me, you know, Debbie's like. My mom, just amazing. And she's right over my shoulder. All the time ready to catch me if I ever need anything. So as director though, how how do you find the right rhythm the right pace of a scene? You know, I was watching a some of the I was obsessed with the TV show the Americans and the league guy directed Matthew REEs directed a scene, and I could tell an actor trick the seat he would linger on certain shots a little bit longer than another director. My two who is there to pull you back to say, you know, you might wanna cut there. Well, that's in the editing. So you can shoot whatever you want, and then the editing process. So like the first. Episode that I directed shonda rhimes. Let me she aired. My editors my the director, Scott, which virtually never happens, right? The AP's will always come in. And I. I think that once I wonder see she she aired your edit of the show, and how did you intuitively know that it was right? She knew what was right. You know? It was right or she just said I'm going to let you do whatever you want. You know, going back to intuition in the universe. My first ever episode of television that I directed was about a mother dying was about my my sister on the show. She has a different mother than me on the show. And the whole episode was was played by Latoa Jackson. Latonya jackson. No, no. I it was. That would have been brilliant play. That would have been absolutely brilliant Latorre. Directing the Toya Jackson. Come true for me. Actually, actually what. Latonya jacks Jackson who is. That is that she's married to Sam Jabil Jackson's rife. Yes. Of course, like she is an acclaimed actress on her own the brilliant, stage actress wonderful spirit, and I was lucky enough to have her play. My sister's mother in the episode in the whole episode was her passing so intuitively. I just you know, knew what to do. And I was really inspired creatively..

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