Deputy Attorney General, Russian Government, Robert Muller discussed on NPR Politics Podcast


Is supposed to be investigating what we know about that the deputy attorney general at the time of this appointment on may seventeen twenty seventeen said muller is authorized to conduct this investigation intent links and or coordination between the russian government and individuals associated with the trump campaign and any matters that arose or may arise directly from this investigation now over time we've had a bit of a sense of the contours but they're still a lot we don't know about what robert muller's investigating okay so carrie remind us what exactly has happened over the last year and really also what do we actually know right now a lot has happened in just one year robert muller's investigators have got a grand jury to indict something like nineteen individuals and companies and they've secured five guilty pleas i talked with experts about this people who have literally written books on special prosecutors and independent counsels in those folks say that this pace by the molar team stacks up with the best investigations politically tinged investigations in modern history now let's talk also for a second about who's pleaded guilty already people like george popadopoulos the foreign policy aide in the campaign people like michael flynn the former national security adviser who was a close aide to trump during the campaign and actually served in the white house and if and few other folks as well in among the folks fighting charges right now are paul manafort paul manafort the former trump campaign chairman and manafort is scheduled to go to trial in july in virginia on bank fraud tax fraud and other charges if that trial happens it's going to be amazing in if that trial happens one of the key witnesses against paul manafort is going to be gates his former business partner and former deputy campaign manager who stayed on in a role in trump world even after the inauguration so you know some people have pointed.

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