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I'm great job thank you for being here and we will see you again thanks tom phillips and you know i've been getting hit up by a lot of people that want to know how they can make sure that sam roberts wrestling podcast audience gets informed of what it is that they're doing whether it's your youtube channel whether it's your wrestling promotion whether it's a dvd released whether it's something non wrestling related at all if you want to advertise on sam robert dressing podcast it's really easy all you have to do is go over to not sam dot com scroll down to the bottom of the homepage there is a contact box right in there hit me up let me know that you want to inform the audience of sam roberts wrestling podcast about whatever spectacular service or product it is that you have to offer i will get back to you to rates are far more affordable than you could ever possibly imagine you won't regret it go over to not sam dot com if you've got something that you want shield i'm the guy to do it that's why the show hurt says she'll robert schill not tim dot com scroll to the bottom hit me up in the contact box let me know what it is you want to advertise i get back to you we'll figure out a deal it will be wonderful now let's get into a back to sam roberts wrestling pike casta your is him rubber so tom phillips and amazing journey and it's very cool to hear from a guy who based on that conversation kind of sees himself as a wwe lifer you know a lot of us want to believe that if we were a part of wwe we would just be there for life because it's all of our dreams right now that's how i feel anyway and it's you hear horror stories every now and then you go i hope that that's not what it's really like but then you hear tom phillips and you go yep there is a guy who's figured it out there is a guy who is living his dream any really has come into his own he really does a pretty remarkable job he's now done commentary for two wrestlemainia.

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