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Your report card for your parents? Yes. How'd that go? It was head mind. You were smart. What is? Oh, I got in trouble. A couple times old. Honest to goodness for not having an A plus Well is because then you are what I was capable of, but I remember coming home the 1st 1st 6 weeks. At noon, the school and I got Aah! He's in a couple C's. And my dad sat me down right now and said, What's the issue? And I said, Dad, I have no idea and I was absolutely sincere. Well, this wrong card? No. This teacher Mr Hooper at the time Newbie school in Speedway. Give out no ways. So all the A students all the beast is Oh, and he just dressed. Everybody done. That's how he got everybody's attention. The first great period that's like people that review online and they looked back. They don't give anyone about Came in your store loved a great three stars. Yeah, you know. Yeah, but Jackie Slattery, Terry Mitchell. All the A student's Well guess the will that thumped one time my family. I brought my card home. And my mom looked at it and like, said we're going out to dinner. Celebrate What happened? All had one d o a I don't know if it's your best. Now. Here's my brother Tommy. Story, brother Tommy Way always had to bring ours home, and Tommy was a high school time. But if anybody could forge my dad's signature, it was my brother Tommy. It was a really flowery signature. So, Tom, you.

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