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Twenty four Fritz Harmon had been taken into police custody on suspicion of having committed a string of murders. Starting in nineteen eighteen in the interrogation room Harmon was blustery and more dismissive than it usually was during police questioning he had been interrogated many times before and was not easily intimidated police finally did a thorough. Search of harm. It's apartment and found the bed and floor had been extensively soaked in blood the Harmon had cleaned the surfaces thoroughly traces of blood that it's soaked into floors and mattress was found with careful inspection Harmon brushed it off by saying the blood was a result of his contraband meat trade with the mystery butcher. Carl police knew better Harmon was held in jail for a week where he was interrogated and deprived of sleep and food. Meanwhile, police found his collection of trophy. Fees and publicly displayed them at the police station relatives of missing persons traveled to the station to view the items and many identified the clothing as belonging to their missing loved ones. But when confronted with the mounting evidence against him Harmon remained composed he explained that he came upon the clothing through his black market trading than on June twenty-ninth nineteen twenty four police found the suit that had belonged to Fritz Wittig the one that Harmon had given to Crohn's. It was a huge break in the case unbeknownst to Harmon. Police had found a skull forensically identified as belonging to Wittig the month. Previous police could now prove that Harmon had clothing belonging to a murder victim. In addition, a friend of Wittig saw Harmon talking with Wittig a few days before his disappearance but Harmon didn't budge until his landlady turned over would exhaust coat. The landlady told police she had witnessed Harmon destroying identify. Buying markers on the jacket before he gave it to her and Lou of rent money. Apparently grunts wasn't the only one to get wigs possessions. Harmon broke down he confessed to raping murdering and dismembering a multitude of young men Harmon spent much of his lengthy confessions. Supplying cobbled together excuses and explanations for his motives he stressed repeatedly that he had not meant to kill anyone. But in the heat of rabid sexual passion, as he called it had been unable to control himself Harmon was careful to only name victims. Police had already linked to him which weren't many the only evidence police could find where the clothes in Harman's apartment. Only a quarter of the nearly four hundred articles of clothing found were connected to missing persons because the identification process required relatives and friends to physically come to the police station. It's possible some victims were never identified especially consider. Being Harman's predilection for abducting travelers from other cities at one point during his confession Harmon said there are some victims, you don't know about. But it's not those you think and when asked for the total number of people he had killed Harmon said somewhere between fifty and seventy but he also claimed he couldn't remember some killings, and it's not uncommon for serial killers to inflate the numbers of their victims. Dr Catherine Ramsland writes that the most significant reasons some serial killers lie about victim count is simply the enjoyment. They take in deception Harmon, for example, loved tricking victims into following him to his apartment and was proud of his ability to fool authorities during his confession. He took obvious glee in pointing out to police that is crimes had been committed right under their noses special agent. Mary Ellen O'Toole a behavioral analyst for the FBI brings up another reason killers may lie about. Victim count notoriety. She writes, quote, many of these people have an egotistical need to control and manipulate and some like to be better than the other guy, and quote, whether or not this contributed to Harman's claims about his victims. He did become Torius it's possible. This is why he confessed to so many killings despite police having concrete evidence linking him to only a few Harmon. Also confess that Hans grants knew about the murders and had assisted or encouraged him on several occasions grants was arrested as an accessory on July eighth about a month after Harmon. Six weeks. After his confession Harmon was examined by a psychologist at guarding and medical school Harmon had been sent to a mental institution when he was seventeen and the prospect of being sent back terrified him, thanks to his admissions of guilt. The psychologist judged Harmon sane enough to stand trial in July of nineteen twenty four at the age of forty five Fritz Harmon was charged with the murders of twenty-seven young men and boys the trial was a media sensation and made international headlines. The leading daily news a small Michigan newspaper. Ran the headline trial of Fritz Harmon wholesale slayer has stirred all Germany, news coverage was also responsible for Harman's during nicknames, including the werewolf of Hanover, and the vampire of Hanover. There was such a public frenzy surrounding the case that extra policemen had to be employed to push through the crowds of. Citizens and journalists around the courthouse Harmon enjoyed the attention immensely the trial was originally open to the public, but after two days of frenzied Hanover residents fighting to get courtroom seats, the trial was closed. One of the most publicized aspects of the case was Harman's. Meet business customers who purchased his meat testified as to its questionable Content's Harmon strenuously denied he had ever sold or consumed meat from his victims. But it didn't curb public suspicion Harmon pled guilty to fourteen of the twenty seven murders. He claimed he could not recall definitively. Whether he had murdered the remaining thirteen when presented with photos of these victims during the proceedings, he became dismissive and hardly glanced at them. He waved his hands at the photos and said things like I don't remember. But you can go ahead and charge me. I don't mind. Harman appeared relaxed during the trial and smoked cigars incessantly. He lodged only one complaint that there were too many women in the courtroom. He suggested they be removed. Although that went ignored despite his nonchalance are perhaps because of it Harmon made a positive impression on the jury and the journalists who were fascinated by his casual aloof manner on a few occasions Harmon, even elicited laughter from the room when a medical expert yawned during his testimony and Harmon asked are you all right to go on professor later. He interrupted the prosecution by shouting that they were all liars for their part. The prosecution was not amused. They presented the hundreds of bone fragments recovered from the liner river Harman's, bloody mattress and the bucket. He used to store human remains when it came to the accusations about his illicit meat trade medical testimony supported Harmon. Doctors confirmed that the meat found in Harman's apartment at the time of his arrest was not human still police. Never located Carl the enigmatic source of the meat now, the rumors persisted, we still don't know for sure whether Harman eight or sold human meat while Harmon was candid about some aspects of his crimes, it's also clear. He wanted to be seen as someone who acted in the heat of passion and wasn't malicious. He took care to, cultivate, this idea in the minds of the media and those present at the trial. He denied committing murders. That were clearly premeditated and talk mournfully of his efforts to control his urge to kill. He also tried to portray himself as helpful to the homeless runaways and Hanover by focusing on the few times, he gave money or day jobs to his Aaron boys. He didn't mention he often raped or abused those same boys. He insisted he never tours victims throats out entirely during the murderers. To avoid being charged with cannibalism the trial ended after only two weeks Harmon was convicted of twenty four out of the twenty-seven murders. He was charged with this included all of the murders to which Harmon pled guilty or agreed that he had probably committed it excluded three murders that Harmon denied perpetrating either. Because he blamed Hans grants for them or because they contradicted his crimes of passion narrative Harman's willingness to admit to so many of his murders lent credibility to the few. He denied either way they had no bearing on his sentencing. He would be executed for murder either way, but they were crucial to the case of Hans Crohn's who is being tried at the same time as Harmon while Harman's relaxed demeanor won over some onlookers grens came off as a Radic during his trial. He vehemently denied involvement in Harman's killings and showed little emotion other than anxiety. During the proceedings both Harmon and groans were sentenced to death by beheading Harmon calmly received the verdict, but grens became hysterical. He collapsed after returning to sell four months after the trial on April. Fifteenth nineteen twenty five Fritz Harmon was set to be executed. He walked up to the guillotine with a brave face. His last words were quote. I am guilty gentlemen. But hard though, it may be I want to die as a man I repent, but I do not beer, death and quote. After Harmon was executed. His brain was dissected traces of meningitis were found in sections of the removed brain meningitis is the inflammation of the membranes around the brain and spinal cord, according to Dr d vanderbeek when left untreated meningitis can cause inflammation of the brain itself and lead to brain damage. This could provide a glimmer of insight into Harman's deviant behavior and could even explain some of his symptoms like the blackouts he experienced during his military days in the same article by Dr David beak, he writes that swelling of the brain caused by meningitis can lead to decreasing levels of consciousness in Harman's case, if he did have been injustice and presented unusually it would explain why doctors were unable to come up with a diagnosis at the time. According to the centers for disease control, viral meningitis usually resolves without treatment. But any lasting damage caused to the brain. Would have remained. This makes it possible that the seeds of Harman's horrendous crimes were planted during his first stint in the army. Unfortunately, we don't know more as Harman's brain was not preserved and discarded shortly thereafter, his head was kept from aldehydes at the guarding and medical school from nineteen twenty five until two thousand fourteen when it was at last cremated. But even after the guillotine fell the story of Fritz Harmon did not end the night before his execution Harmon wrote a letter retracting statements he made about gronzy's involvement in the murders with this new evidence grens now twenty five got a second trial the following year in nineteen twenty six he was charged with aiding and abetting Harmon for the two murders. He was implicated in during his previous trial. Grens was convicted once again, he was spared. The death penalty and served twelve years in prison until nineteen thirty nine unfortu-. Definitely by then the Nazi party was in power and transferred grants to the in house and concentration camp where he endured forced labor in appalling conditions, he returned to Hanover after World War Two where he lived until his death in nineteen seventy five aged seventy four.

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