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I can remember the packers. Cobb touchdown devante touchdown aaron jones touchdown over over for the game yet and williams tomorrow. Rogers over passing. Rogers overpasses connors. Got a bunch of same game parlays which he's been fucking crush couple bad beats through in the last two weeks. Thank you connor honor. We'll be back tomorrow with roy tomorrow. Forty athletico madrid. Money line overhead taffy at the lead co struggling a bit so you get a decent number here. They haven't i dunno just doesn't seem to fit in but i like them. Inter-milan had good value minus one lining fiorentina. Fiorentina's been good. But you got inter-milan at that you got to take it and then celta-vigo draw draw no bet minus one of five. It looked into celta. Vigo's had a rough start but they played some good teams. There's still a decent squad. So let's good value on a draw. No bet okay. Napoli house for napoli win four. Nothing Saturday was terrible. One in five shero to the guy who told me that seventeen times on twitter. I assume he's not on your time on anymore. I disappeared. it's weird. I have no idea what happened but thank you for reminding me i have no idea when my lose. I really don't know so. It's nice to be reminded multiple times yesterday. Four and four real this. Let a goal in in the ninety ninth minute which was a crusher and niece missed a penalty in the eighty fifth completely wide. So oh niece that'll happen three and owned baseball yesterday boy. So if you're ever looking for vacation nieces. Beautiful is in the south of france. They say it's nice. It is nice. Better the mykonos Well the mykonos. It's two very different places. Who do the niners have for. Running back doesn't matter. I don't think it matters. Allies of mitchell still healthy shoulder. Hasty michael hasty. I believe his name is hasty out for a while and high ankle. Okay her trae sermon. Is i mean you're not coming back from that hit for a few weeks. So you're saying line or the niners have no one at running back. I don't know they're running. Backs always get fucking hurt. Oh did you see the. What about the box can assign richard sherman. I saw that. I don't know i mean. Why wouldn't they digression as long as he fits into the system. Zack has cova zakar. Tesco good time to play. God it your daily. Okay might be ready for monday. All right so good luck tonight that you feel pretty good about selena. Yeah i actually feel great about tonight Twenty percent off the cf the window shirts. Find plus africa..

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