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Over pros it practice are paying attention practice giving you the attention to whatever you're doing in the moment. I mean I could. I could practice mindfulness right now by reaching for my bottle of water and just giving got school sensiti expedience my attention rather me bring him a bottle of water. Seem Tame on thinking what I'm going to do next and I'm thanking you. Send the email instead. I just bring my fill focused to. The fight is my water bowl and I'm just paying attention to anything like that. Develops a frontal cortex which means you can build up muscle fight the but just giving whatever you're doing you feel attention. Not so much mind wandering goes on because as the mind wanders you stop touching other vein other break. You want to build this. Give whatever you're doing your maximum attention in the moment. The this is brilliant because the one of the things that I am keen to. Let's say bring to the performance tennis world. For the like the expression buzz disorders called is a sense of play so I do believe that we treat people with better or more ability with more. Cds SNUS so but we're all human the Best Player. Still WanNa have fun play. But if you can let the western principle or thought when you see please unadulterated Tomfoolery if you know what I mean it but when when I say play in my mind. I'm thinking mindfulness so to use a silly analogy. If I'm reading a book for me a of play I could argue that when I when I do the garden. I used to hate gardening but now when I do the gardening I feel present and I feel. It's a sense of mindfulness when I'm doing it because there's nothing else I'm thinking about. I'm not doing the garden and thinking about my work the next week or what's going on the week or I am hundred percent present on whatever. I'm doing that time so it would there be any logic in thinking that when you play that you are giving you the tension to that thing absolutely if you if you bring your attention to anything you really are we have we had these. Luma brain scanners that you could looking at. What Apple Watch connects? You know? I watch the space in Scott and just that we Your head and you would actually see is alterations and be frontal CORTEX. Even as you're playing the game as your landing to give every shaw your full focused like the keeping an eye on the rocket visual rather than taking attention away to your neck short to quietly. Keep attention on all the way. I sometimes watch I I in my head I saw this image of of Novak Djokovic slowdowns was watching TV data when instagram at slowed down. And you could see the bowl coming. In you could see Djokovic Jeannie. Went without maximal attention was on bowl and it was total focus. Any took the ball. And he's focused with stow watching a note once that he's attention net short the next. It was a cold all the way through. All you could see this intense focused on exactly what was happening in that woman. And that builds prefrontal cortex having everything you feel attention is billion. We need to do more of these. I think they're so much crossover between I for me. This builds the bridge between what psychologists say. But it's in a much more concrete way. I don't want to be critical of the sports psychologists I've seen in my opinion too often they focus on just the act was sailing the why. Ovid and tennis players or competitive sports people are stubborn at the best of times and never more so than when tooled what to do. But if you if you talk about that was at Harvard. Business school equation for change of behavior. It's like they're disatisfaction. Plus Vision Plus for step has to be greater or equal to the cost of the change is tennis players quite often if they are of a certain level. Nur successful to sell them a a change. The Need disatisfaction. So if you were able to use these kind of scientific methods and maybe the word makes him a bit more layman terms the actually deliver them so they knew what was going on. You would create the satisfaction because you could say. Are you happy at the moment? This is what you're thinking feeling and behaving in so it would be another tool we could use to make it come to life obsolete this is this is why. I love that can have science really. Why is why? But it's really Y I talk about the signs of things because I find if people understand. Why something as far more likely to do over the years even writing my books and giving talks Hob ENGRAINED HABIT. Vote was backing effing science because then people more lightly to do the sensible things if you under the Sun why will actually? He's actually Hopkins people more like with I think people have more lately to medicate for example. If you understand you let are changing the physical structure of your brain something. Nice let the changing the physical structure of your brain. Just let you change the physical structure of your muscles if you stopped. Exercise up muscle is a physical change in the density on the size of the muscle for the same thing happens in the brain cold noodle density not was growth. But it's exactly the same idea same quonsett and so I find by understanding. Why something as far more likely to do the things that you use photos. Amazing it's a I. I do think there's opportunity for us to do more to this than future on the baby we've talked. We did a presentation together in Dunblane legit last year it was. Yeah Yeah So. There's definitely room. There's a space in tennis or this. Kind of work to maybe. The two words Two worlds collide a little bit more. I think there's a lot of overlap between We're talking about here in a great has been funding on unrehearsed unscrew conversation. Actually just a challenge. We we've always had you chats mover over red wine. You're normally over too much so well. Thanks very much fantastic. Certainly Forced Entry Into My tennis journal. And when this Kovic a fiasco is over we definitely have to get back to more red wine and getting back on the tennis court now order. I certainly look forward to that. I'll try and one point against you. Thanks very much..

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