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And. Cocco! Right there. have a reason you could kill anyone I mean. This is the Bravo polled i. Get Out of here okay. Let's go with F-. Sure van because he never did. Take me out on that date so. Were of what? What is it micro resin? Can Kill them both. Okay. I can't pick one. Sorry guys love you both but I'd have an easier time killing someone. sedation yeah. Okay so I would say I would marry you as well I would probably kill you know I say this. I would probably kill Kristen doty for all. Yeah I don't know you know. Yeah. I just not for a lot of reasons and I would probably I fuck probably Lala laws. I don't. Know exactly all right, so let's just go. Okay these these questions are hard hit by the. and. There's no pussy out of this. Okay. There's no pleading the fish. We're no, no, we're not yeah. There's no place none of that on Shaw's. which marriage lasts and which marriage ends? Oh. I'm Jay and Tommy last. Ends I mean Resin Adam are the only ones married your choice. Sell I. It's between those two marriages. It's not just a relationship that I would say Raza an atom and Jane Tommy last. By the answer I would I would say end. We'll be Jackson Britney. Yeah Hey. That's just how I feel and I was a who would last actually think Lala and I think so, too. I think her and her husband will last for sure so, but my choices Jackson. Britney I don't have a lot of things. One more because these are getting tough, okay fine. who is your? This is a good one. Which non-current cast on Shaw's did you like the most non current away from previous seasons, no longer on the show like a lily or an author. To Lillian I loved. Okay cool I was going to say the least, but I didn't want to. You I can tell you already. I went with a positive spin on yeah. To flip it I mean I would say I would have the least in common with also so i. don't necessarily miss her not on the show if I had to pick. You! Why was going with the least aspect of now? Who is the girl that went on a date with Peter? Vale Yeah I like that because I thought it made Peter. Look so bad and peters. I was picking her by default. We though she seems. Like they made Peter so bad that moment that I like no I can't do that, so that'd be and then like I. Don't know favorite I re, I liked what billy brought to this show, having a transgender person having the community represented on the show was very important to me so like I appreciated that. You know if I were to answer the Vanderbilt. I missed my girl. Tina I talked to an hour on the phone the other day I just miss her energy and talent and Yeah I. Miss Her on the show, but okay. Give me one more. Let's do one more okay. Let me get a good one here. Well, these are non related to our shows, but they're like more. This is a bravo question. What is the most embarrassing moment that has never aired like you filmed it? But for whatever reason it was left on the cutting floor in your history on the show, but they love airing. Cried shirt popular belief. Probably the everything else season six that you didn't see I'm sure justice cringing everything you saw. An example on. Say there are many more robs that were not aired. I'm sure there were more seven minutes stories and hooking hitches up cars and da I think honestly all of my cringes. Moments have made it on. Yeah, well, we now know what. We now know what. Mine would be without a doubt this last. Obviously I don't have the volume library of work that you have on the show. But when that Botox scene with Mike, oh, yeah. Believe it like that was not even a boat that was screw. Balls Never one reaction and Literally! That was the same reaction that my mom had visually why. It was something that we did because we were like Oh. You all did it. was like a win. You're putting a needle in your calls. And I was like that's cool to try. It I've never done it before. We never heard before. And so it was they literally injected my balls with both hawks, and it's supposed to make your balls like smoother had really no effect. I didn't notice any difference, but that didn't and I. You know what in retrospect. Kind of. Glad! Because of the tunnels, that's funny. You should air I actually was thinking about. With the orgasm, remember that when you. Orgasm and I'm like that's really. Funny, I thought Scrotum would be very similar, but in retrospect I'm Mike kind of glad. That no! Up here. You have another good one last question I probably. Who is the hottest housewife husband to you? ooh, how the hottest like current to a housewife! I Guess Richards Husband's pretty hot as a new one, but out of like the Oh, I'm going to go. Husbands I'm always torn between Marie CEO and Joe. Gorka, those are like my couples goals like I just like loved them so. Make Sense. Feels like. Everything about him. He's got that big Dick Energy. Funny he the first day I was ever around Bravo labs. that. Not Bravo called up front and I was by myself because my casserole assholes and he came up to me, and he took me in, and that's when I met Priscilla. WHO's still my makeup artist? All of the housewives and I've just had such a love for them ever since and I. Mean Yeah, he's hot so. That's really. I totally, I would have to say I I've every guy. My Age has a crush and Richard. Let's just establish. Every guy remembers well. It has a major crush entities richards, but if we take the low hanging fruit aside, because that's like the obvious choice I would think to read is like so hot. Yeah, see jewelry reminds me of like Arianna and law combined plus ten years. Go you know just like Super Hot. You have one of her. Work with the same hairstyle I'm always like just dying over her haired so awesome all the time. Yes, dope style. So. That's my choice. My questions. No, that was fun. Thank you all right. We'll tell everyone where they can find you and your new projects. You're working on shirts. Everything is at NEA, move and twitter INSTAGRAM TIKTOK I. Don't post tiktok since I can't do I need. To dance. Yeah, there's look you can go. Viral eleven point six mil on a painting I know I know she that your talks are fire. Go level, but all Neva band across everything, and you will have a shah's reunion. Yes, can't wait. Court tell them where they can find you. On instagram at Courtney. CEO RT any Y dot Aaron, E. R. and Bill Oh wait before.

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