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Good morning I'm Karen Moscow along with Tom keen and creedy Gupta and stalks are lower at the open the S&P 500 down 1% or 40 points at 42 47 The Dow Jones Industrial Average down three tenths percent or a 109 points at 33,813 And the NASDAQ down 1.2% down a 155 points at 12,715 And your treasury down 27 30 seconds yields 2.92% They yield on the two year 2.74% Nymex screwed oil is up 1.1% up a dollar 17 at a $106 54 cents a barrel Comex gold of 9 10% or $17 40 cents at 1908 70 ounce The Euro one O 5 three zero against the dollar the end of one 30.3 And Tom and creedy Karen thanks so much And I'm going to really follow on in currency there with Karen And DXY a one O three level is sustained It's not where it was record level But during this week we have seen a sea change shift in foreign exchange with Jenna won 30 level and Euro as Karen just mentioned one O 5 26 not a one O four but weaker Euro weaker yen you get the picture Joining us now there's someone there are Hilton Hotels in America There are 2244 And only pretty Scott wren of Wells Fargo has visited every Hilton Hotel in America and done a conference with people about investment He is the deserved senior global market strategist for Wells Fargo investment institute and joins us right now Scott more than anyone I know you know the pulse sweat It's out there I'm lost Are people scared stiff or are they waiting to load the boat on Amazon Which is it Well Tom I think they're pretty scared And that encompasses some professionals as well So our retail clients scared yes they are They've been scared really overall for quite a while So this is really nothing new and I think the way retail clients typically work and it works to their detriment in the long war on is it makes them frozen They have funds that they eventually want to put into the stock market and when they have the opportunity they may say ahead of time yes when the opportunity comes I will act but then when it shows itself they freeze And that's always a problem Ren walks in the room lights camera and he goes let it go Let it go It's just something to see him do that Hair and a brain And a Hilton Hotel Scott what's so important here about let it go.

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