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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go. Chelsea handler opens up about her attraction to Robert Muller, Meghan Malala. Gives us a brief history of kissing Hossan. Min Hodge teaches us all the right way to say his name, Grayson chance shares his inspiring story about coming out and Ellen and twitched plan. Epic game of survey says what I'm Mary Connolly Howdy. I'm coming Olah, Ed glavin, and I'm Andy last ner hostal and the and friends. Welcome everybody. Happy thursday. Happy thursday. So I just have to say that my daughter my daughter, Katie. Yeah. Seven years old is out on spring break in his here today at the show, right? Very big deal for very excited, and we had a nice time. She's run around at a great time and often sometimes I have to put some things way in my office before one of my kids comes it. Just like if there's things around that. I don't have to get into it. And I thought I was good. I didn't think there is any problem. So Katie had to use the bathroom. I'm lucky enough to have a bathroom. Where's this Jason to my office? And there's a closet in my bathroom. Oh boy. She opened the closet and finds three really good gifts that I had been storing there for her wrapped. Wow. And did she get like mom a mystery Hatchimal mum a rainbow something? LL? She I said we're going to have to find a way for you to earn these you you can have one today. So she opened up one. But we're at the end day God at the end of our day. And she just. So cute, though, she's cute. She's pretty she led me to emoji stickers that. I put her to work. Of course. I understand. That's good. She likes she needed to deliver. This Tracey gold. She goes, I don't know who that is. I said, well, I'm going to explain who she hasn't. She goes. I don't know where she is. You're gonna find her. She goes this morning. She said I'm excited to go to the Ellen generous show. And I go great. It's d- generous. And she said, we'll I like just saying Ellen generous show. And I said, well, that's like if somebody called you Katie on ily, she didn't like that. All right, Mary. Yes, sir. Let's talk about Chelsea handler and her Chelsea handler longing for Robert Chelsea Chelsea handler told our producer that she had an affection a sexual attraction to special prosecutor. Yes, Robert Muller's, and when being serious about well, that's what Ellen wasn't sure. Ellen Ellen sort of heard. This wasn't sure. And then asked Chelsea on the air, if in fact that was real or just sort of a joke, and we all learn together that it in fact was very real. She really wants to deflowered him. To a level. I wasn't expect. Well, you know, look, the the truth is the truth. She's she can't get over it. She says she has daddy issues. Right. She she has a new book out in the title made me laugh. The title was life will be the death of me, and you too, and it's she has a really interesting conversation with Ellen Taylor..

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