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Mark on mutual. Have anything to add. I did that one time. And the Guy Confronted me at the club and he was like saying that I saw him on. Blast like with everybody. I'm like nobody even knows you like. I didn't say your name or anything. So you cut out his picture. No and it was pitcher. Anything told the story of what happened on the date. How much of a whole world date it was and he was. I can't believe you said that I'm so embarrassed. People are going to know it's me and I was like I'd even say your name dude healthy. We're going to know what happened with me and my stalker remember. I told the story and then and then she contacted one of the guys on the show which is not a soccer thing to do by the way but she contacted one show to talk about me and that it wasn't true and the guy even know who she was soccer. I feel like he should be like out of that. That's like a Humboldt Brag multiple stalkers. He just doesn't know I will. I will tell you the story at another time. I know each other. I know and that we earned that you know. I definitely stock her thoughts about almost as much as those broken leg. Oh Yeah did you know that I broke my leg? Tragic SCOOTER ACCIDENT BACK IN EIGHTEEN. And it was all over the told me. I didn't think we mentioned got a mention at least one per show all right. We're gonNA take a break. We're coming right back with the nineties. Tagline game shows out. It is something like that. You're really good at Pitt. Maybe all be right DOT TV. Hey want one eight Mike Writer. A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Zavala a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the voice. Yeah I'm I'm I'm I'm not reading this. I'm not reading of all the things he's asked me to read over the years. This is This is this is terrible. I'm I'm I'm not doing it. I'm.

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