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Get outs instead show fifty five percent of California inmates end up back in prison after they're released Monica Rick's KFI news heads up in east LA there's a crash on the five it is the five south bound just past the sixty or at a multi car crash maybe as many as five cars involved we are hearing the right lane is going to be blocked there until further notice and right I think I've got a pretty solid to the one ten freeway also through Anaheim hills on the ninety one freeway eastbound as you approach the two forty one connector had a wreck off to the right shoulder some flight delays at that spot and then in corona on the fifteen north sounds just past the ninety one a record is blocking the two left lanes and then of course through on Terrio can't take the sixty east bound at close all weekend for the sixty swarm from the fifteenth to the two fifteen sixteen ninety one freeways and that's scheduled to open at five o'clock Monday morning okay find this guy helps get you there faster I never Simons if you're ready to find an affordable and reliable vehicle from a reputable company that cares Sir with eastern automotive group you already know eastern's automotive has a tremendous legacy having service over one hundred and fifty thousand customers over the last thirty years they are part of the fabric in this community giving back to the DMV through all sorts of charities and outreach plus eastern always has thousands of vehicles to choose from and every vehicle at Easter is goes through a rigorous multi point inspection process this process is part of the reason why every eastern's vehicle is backed by a seven day return policy and a complimentary thirty day warranty tired of the guy she dealerships eastern's is different there one price promise me the you can be confident in the price of a vehicle no gimmicks or hidden fees the price you see is the price you get simple fast and transparent visit eastern dot com to start shopping there express store today.

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