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That we have the same first name i would say in chicago that's what i would do there you have it jimmy kimmel thrown all vice to to jimmy butler you know you see like manage nobly walking off the court the other night and eu appreciate so much what he did what he knows multiple championship stephen guy didn't win titles become alone kimmel's also do a bit with kromah launch very funny you'll karam large stanton were jazz yeah the for life and the manner that there's something that's very you know cooled by athletes the only play for one team in bela schumer jimmy butler was wearing on kim others very interesting stuff the nba players this really do it up interesting yeah he has you know he had the again jimmy jimmy rocks image jimmy butler to good looks at yard he raised getting a sorry mark wohlers best friend great megastar right and he be were in the you know the the the tattered jeans and he's got the big get got the big i could pull off their look harry taylor so you think i could all yet we should try we should get you the exact rochat rochat just you know like put the word out you should get the exact same out that the butler war but linked the sleeves on the cold interest butlers very athletic and has those long arms this leaves look how long and in the knees being flashy kyle look like the incredible hulk after the whole changes back into bruce banner and he just they're like in the you know and and the messed up close until he can look like don't trade jimmy butlers what i'm saying to give cleveland a after they lost by 20some your mashad i actually heading into the series i thought cleveland was going to win this series lebrun just seemed like he was on a mission or sump but it look brown was horrible defensively in game one it was mostly of blowout boring game golds as when clayton johnston's your your third option to score year in pretty good shape you know i but how how like this just like isn't even fun i mean i guess at this point it is but you've kevin terrain who can't beat the worst so he leaves.

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