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Covering all things Red Sox. You can follow him on Twitter wage at e. N m Browne. That's i a n m b. R o w. N e. How are you bud? I'm great tracks. How you doing? Good to hear this bill. Talk to you again. It's been a long time. You were the first guests on my iteration of the Red Sox, beat podcast, and I do appreciate it way back. When a lot has changed for the Red Sox since we last spoke, most prominently the return of their race. Chris Sale on Saturday, in the 16 to, to romp the Red Sox offense, took a lot of the pressure off off Chris Sale. Number 41, making it pretty easy for him. But still sale looked very sharp five innings, six hits and I don't know about you. He allowed two runs in the five innings, but the most impactful. Something about Saturday, the eight strikeouts and no walks that to me, tells me that he had really good control and command of all of his pictures. Yeah. It was really encouraging him to come in and after not pitching in a major league game for two years and pitched with with that kind of control. And you know, everybody else was was kept, being was kind of being patient bit and wondering how he would be. When he when he first got back and say I was like man this isn't just I'm not just going to ease into this. This is kind of, this is Go Time, so he's been getting ready for this but you know, you know, his work ethic, nobody works harder, nobody's more determined. And you know, he just, he looks better to, he got into great shape, he put on a little pigs, believe it or not. I put on a little bit of weight, you know, during this will it stay here will stay. That's what I wonder where the guy with the physique and a metabolism like Chris Sale, you know, he puts Wait on and hopefully in the right places and in the right ways, but the idea is so that he has more endurance, more strength toward the end of the season. Now, fortunately for him, his Seasons, not going to be very long. This is really for him. Like, what twenty twenty was for most of Major League, Baseball, a Sprint. So it's a Sprint to the Finish. Is that really the mentality? He's taken. Yeah, I think so. I think home and, and look, this is huge for the Red Sox to have him back at completely changes. The complexion and a team, you know, you look at yesterday and water Rodriguez, right? Pictures are great game and now suddenly, he's the number two starter and he looks a whole lot better. And then, number two. Slapping. This is a one, Nathan eovaldi. Looks a lot better is a free than he does is a two and then you have Tanner how they're young exciting prospect. I'm just going to pitch one of the games against the Yankees and the doubleheader. He, you know, he's, he is Nick pivetta and prevent us has some great moments this year. I saw a couple really bad per month..

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