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Right now get a free Microsoft surface Go to when you spend $1499 or more limited time offer, while supplies last see on liner in store for details. Bears fans. This is cold right for marquee sports network, and we know you can never get quite enough of your Chicago bears. So now to the end of the regular season, marquee sports network has you covered watch bare essentials every Tuesday night at seven o'clock sharp as you conjoined me, along with bears alumni Tom Thayer and Hall of Famer Dan Hampton for a weekly bears breakdown and analysis off the week ahead. Then we're gonna relive the week that was with the Bears game. Rewind. That's bare essentials. Your weekly bears coverage Tuesdays at seven on marquee sports Network. Hello, everybody. You're looking live at fans Ville, a college football utopia. Fans here with the rivers flow with ice cold Dr Pepper damnation where every day is Saturday and everyone's a fan. Even babies, Man babies and the seasons never change because the only season is college football season in a taste of fans fill this fall during a college football game near you, Dr Pepper's the official drink of fans. Phil, grab some today. To God's ear del Technologies. End of your sail is the perfect time to upgrade Tak save big of the latest computers powered by Intel core processors for your small business. Don't forget the shop, servers, storage and thousands of top brand Elektronik, all with free shipping. All I dealt technologies advisor to help you find the right depth for your business needs at 877 asked Al, That's 877. As Dell teaching your Morning Sports fix Captain Jay Hood on ESPN 1000, Chicago's home for sport. Mm. Greece status in the ESPN GameDay crew will be broadcasting from West Point. Yusa is the presenting sponsor of the Army Navy game and help fans celebrate traditional rivalry of quote America's game. Yusa is launched the Army Navy House sweepstakes to enter visit Army Navy House Dot com. Reese joins us Now Big fan of him Watch every week, Reese Good morning. Happy Holiday Season two..

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