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I mean I can't imagine saying that to a romantic partner on your wedding night of all things or ever but I also think it speaks to some of the stuff. We were talking about a little earlier about how he needs to constantly be in control. And what is that phrase if not you know. I'm in control and as the two of them are getting divorced. I'm GonNa Watch the exact phrasing so this is a paraphrase but you know she says something about not being happy in the relationship and he says something like if you were my employees. Yeah I would have fired you what that story indicates to me. One is not just his desire for control but also a misogynistic streak yeah. There's you know I'm trying to think about how to phrase this because there's certainly a streak of misogyny Nia among his fans It's something that especially women reporters who cover Elon. Musk counter a lot. I personally told that I must be quote unquote obsessed with them but there is this sort of culture that he comes from that is not especially women. Friendly like Silicon Valley of that period is not especially women friendly and it's still well not women friendly now so there is kind of a casual misogyny and a lot of the areas in which he's operating And like that's true of aerospace. That's true of cars. That's true of software These are all extremely dude turf places where dudes tended to defend their turf. So how exactly did things end between paypal and the other co-founders and Elon. Musk so Pay Pal goes public in two thousand two and after a couple of months is bought by Ebay and I think must get something like one hundred and sixty five million dollars out of this transaction the overall transaction is something like one point five billion okay. So what's the pay pal money. He does chew things first of all. He founds a rocket company. Space Exploration Technologies SPACEX. You found that in two thousand and two but the other thing that he does is he invests in this a car. Companies Company was making electric cars. He's the series investor Fester for Tesla Inc And that takes place in two thousand four and later Must becomes credited as a CO founder of Tesla after the break picks up speed.

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