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Like the fact that they like went all in on a tight end. They're probably knowing that there's a chance that they were gonna make a strong push for Lamar Jackson like that's insane. And they definitely have to be shooting themselves in the foot on that one woman. Just think about it with Baltimore's relationship with Bama players. You know, in the funny thing is I mean, they they take total stud titan in Mark Andrews. Anyway, oh, my boy loved Mark Andrews yet, but he played in the system that through him wide open. So he didn't do anything. No, no. He didn't do anything. He looked great at the end of the year to really turned into sort of safety valve for the Mario points. That's what you want back. Yeah. I'm curious to see how how he comes along with them. Because I mean like they doubled down on him essentially with that move. So I mean, it's it's his show. And I've I mean, I think that's cool. I mean, you they didn't pull them out of their playoff game. I mean in to be fair. He did get them back in at the end. I think that LA kinda turned it off for the day. But I mean like he made some big plays in at the end of that game to give them a chance. So you know, they did right by him by keeping them in that game. They didn't it didn't sell them out for flacco or anything. So. Is there anything else? We miss anything. We almost an hour. Tonight. We blew it. No. I mean, I think we hit everything at least free agency wise hit a little bit of the repercussions on the draft here. Like, you said we're gonna we're gonna try to knock out a mock next week, but we're gonna we're trying to plan something fun for it. We may come back into our normal for Madda, if my technology brain can't pull it all together. Here you whatever we're going to sit there heckler complete jerks about it too is getting more interesting now because I think that a lot of these areas in terms like the top by the top ten the top fifteen all are starting to get a defined set a players at makes sense for each tier? Which is what I try to look for every year. And I think that this has been a difficult year because it's not a top heavy class with quarterbacks. You don't usually. Usually you see all the quarterbacks kind of just know it almost see like this mad push is they all get into the top five top ton thing about last year. You know, the last one goes what Rosen at ten nine nine ten. So I don't know. But this year, I mean, it's more spread out Dwayne Hassans could be there at thirteen drew lock their thirteen. I think one of them will be locking his MO haircut. Just like Jay Jay Cutler's Emo haircut. So all.

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