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So I start googling, and I looked down on like how to make money and travel how to work and travel. I start googling these things on I come across this guys. Blog a guy named Sean Ogle who Travis knows very affectionately and has been on this podcast and showing that this blog post about seventeen ways in which you can make money online, I speak to show in a bit. But I probably doesn't realise how much PR I do for him in the background, Sean because here is how to make money online. You're coming up right away. That's killing it a You were big. like he's doing well. And and I start to look at it. And I do the research, and I ended up designing my own blog following the advice and over the next sort of six to nine months, I dabble with a blog. I do it a little bit. And I'm committed in the first couple of weeks, but it connotations off because new opportunities come up at work. You know, I get back into those habits. And I think what can happen in these positions is that you don't realize but life takes over habits takeover. You get back into the swing of things before you know, it. The priority is finding a way out the priorities. How do I do better and work? How do I get more money? How do I ever come these challenges that are in front of me right now? Yeah. You fall back into old patterns because. That's right. That's what is right in front of your face is that day to day work gig job, family, whatever, you know. And it's funny travelers because if you know what I'm going to tell you in a second what happened which caused this dramatic change in my life. And I think it's funny because most entrepreneurs that I speak to who I've done great things for that business. Major. Changes. Most of them have had some points in their life where they've been hit really hard. You know, something terrible this happens, which is caused them to rethink that what they want to do with that life. And it was the same with me on. And I'm just kind of grateful that these terrible things happens because if they hadn't happened. I don't think I would be where I am today. And you know, it's funny sometimes, but when you have these terrible things happen to you at the time. You think it's you know, why why is this happening to me? Why am I so unlucky? You know? Why is this happening to me and my family, but actually in the long run you can reflect and look back in and these are the catalysts of change in a life that we don't realize that's happening for a reason. Yeah, I totally agree. And I just put out a video, and if anyone's seen it it's on social media and stuff like that of the kind of I did only a pro foles. But this is the foolish decision that I made that turn me an entrepreneur. And most people would probably think, oh, he did something really dumb while. Yes. I did. But in normal circumstances. It was smart. I was a teacher working my way up basically was offered. A or thought I was offered was promised a fulltime job went away for the summer. Got a phone call that they had hired someone else and the full decision. I made was that. I I counted on someone else I put my future in someone else's hand. I relied on them. And all it took was one administrator to be like for whatever reason, we're not going to hire Travis we're gonna hire this other person who was qualified, but not exempt basically, not as qualified as I was at that point. And I remember seeing anything I can't believe I got screwed over. But obviously that led me to be saying, I don't want to be a teacher for the rest of my life..

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