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Inflammation in her body and skin issues, or she really which is a lot We think it's from the information. Would you talk to the cur? Human guys? I'll procure guys if they think that product could help her for that. Thanks. Okay, So that's a friend of mine. You know, I'm Josh. But this is a man who has a daughter early twenties. And you know, I will tell you she's been dealing with things that seem like auto immune issues here and there. Some one doctor thought, maybe rheumatoid arthritis. One doctor thought a little early, and it's this whole auto immunity thing. And if people don't know Auto immune diseases. The whole idea is and I don't think this is quite accurate physiologically, but this is how it's explained, the body begins attacking itself. Body attacks itself, and so you're like. Well, how do I deal with this well with her, She's dealing with a lot of inflammation. OK, cheerful person, one of the greatest humans you'll ever know. But dealing with body wide inflammation and now manifesting in skin problems. Now I know you've had some history with this personally want to talk to us about that whole thing. Well, it's like a channel that in pain for a moment, Phile, I would say hello, Kyle. Yeah. Thank you. Anyway, here a dead rat in pain. Yeah, modulating inflammation in the body is this profound thing that if you can get curcumin into the bloodstream It immediately begins to lower inflammatory markers. Asked Dr Brian Frank, who does high sensitivity C reactive protein test that measures on Lee, just a few just a very small subset of inflammatory markers. As Dr Dever Osman about her patient whose Inflammatory markers were stuck in a certain level. And then all of a sudden she got on ultra car only one capsule toys Today markers began to go down so I was a hairstylist for Over two decades, handled a lot of chemicals during my time in my hair styling career. It's long about the second year when I started really stealing with chemicals. I began to get what a lot of people would call Rose Atia. Would have these real bright red patches on my cheeks and they actually I could even feel the stinging in the burning of it as I could feel them coming up, and it could come up it and when wintertime hit It was such a nightmare. And I was trolleys trying with Talavera and anything I could on the outside to try to keep it under check. Finally actually started using like coconut oil on my face, and then my skin would also get really dry. When I met Adam, I've shared my story about my hip pain in my shoulder pain on the air before But until you brought this up today, Kyle, I had completely forgotten. That's how wonderful it is. To not be experiencing something That was a plague for me for 20 years. I hadn't even thought about it until today. You gonna look at my skin right now, Kyle and see it. It's clear. It's not red. It's not patchy. I don't feel itchy. It doesn't hurt anymore doesn't stink. That was a byproduct, one of those ancillary benefits I got when I started taking ultra car and it happened within a month after I started taking and I was taken about five capsules of the original a day. Okay for about the first month, and all of a sudden I noticed as Winner with moving around and it's like, get ready. It never happened. So I'm talking to some of the nurses out of the wound care unit at Saint Anthony's Hospital, and we've got about 14 nurses that have been on our original ultra car for about four years and one of the statements that I heard her but one of my ladies out there, I'll keep her unnamed on the broadcast today, she said. Yeah, we work with a variety of different chemicals and things in the wound care unit were around some things that could be caustic, You know, cleaning out wounds that are doing really horrible things and stuff. And she said, so It's kind of natural for us many times to have problems with our skin. And she says, and especially as allergy season comes alone, there's allergies. And then there's also skin issues, and she commented to me how they were not noticing that anymore from utilizing all tricker Adam could give us a great explanation. But in any time you have in a Lor jik reaction to something, or it's an internal inflammatory response. Guess what it manifests in the skin a lot of the time. You know this, you know, I mean, you start going on a fast to detox. Remember the first fast I went on. I broke out and looked like I was a kid had the worst acne for like, three weeks because my skin was going, Let's get rid of the poisons. Right. So anyway, I would love to win. I'd love to provide some product for our Your friend for his daughter to start taking and then let's have him call back in and give us a update on the sea. I love everything that you said. There's so many one thing that I loved. You mentioned the wound care team at ST Anthony's. That's where my mom went. And she was great ladies, one of incredible place, but The, um the whole thing about skin. And inflammation. Is there a link? Oh, my goodness. Yes. I mean, I I called my friend back and I said Look, the short answer is yes. Right. Let let's get her on it. But the thing about it you you mentioned The internal part. You were doing stuff on the external you're and that's that's perfectly fine. And I was eating all kinds of great supplements and in doing green superfoods and had a really clean diet. I didn't drink pop. I didn't eat at McDonald's. Had problems. I said, Well, you know, I had psoriasis for and you know, on Doug Kaufman's TV show. That was a big thing that I talked. I remember your story it when you change diets. Oh, my gosh, and covered me from head to toe. Whenever I see advertisements for a drug out psoriasis. It's always just a little patch on the elbow. Oh, that's nothing. I had it all over my body Top to bottom, And I do mean bottom. I'm telling you everything. Capital P. Capital less capital O Capital, R. It was re dunk Ulis and on so You talk about inflammation. I was dealing with a lot of stuff back then. I'm surprised you could sleep. I couldn't. It was awful. And when they they, the well meaning conventional physicians would work with me. They would give me these tar bads literal tar bags. You'd put this stuff in your bath water soak in it, And it was tar. Nasty smelling. You smelled like you were coming out of the primordial ooze. It was awful. And then you rubbed it on your body before you Put your shirt on. I mean, it was the most miserable time we're talking 1995 or so is the most miserable six months And then I found a Russian Dermatologist Step in Edmond, sweetheart of a man and he said, You need to go to attend and get some vitamin D natural light. You get in the tanning bed s so I start doing that. But I also was changing my diet to an anti inflammatory diet. If you can get the anti inflammatory goodness of something like ultra cur, fish oil, Ginger, You know these anti inflammatories. And if you can reduce the inflammation factors in your diet, all the sugar and processed foods and all of the if you can just do this 12 punch again, External Internal external I was doing you ve you know, ultraviolet light you were doing the Al Oh, that's great. Do the external but internal is what needs support. And for anybody who's dealing with these things that are associated with inflammation. We always talk about joints and pain and things like that. But skin is another issue. We have a minute left, and I have a quick comment to make their if you're taking it for skin, you know, we always talk about this beautiful results within 3 to 7 days, people taking it for pain if you're taking it for skin. Go ahead and commit to a month first..

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