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Yes she's good she's from mtv to like nickelodeon they they gave their audience a lot of credit they gave them stuff that might be a little above what they normally would want to digest intellectually and you know that the kids are smarter than they are which is good and yeah same with all the shows and i'm not even talking about just the cast being diverse i mean they took on yeah there is a union episode on hey arnold and like most shows yeah that was like a common thing like a teachers strike or something and they're kind of like you know it wouldn't be propaganda but it would be at least teaching like oh yeah this is the basics of what strike is for you can do that you could be politically active disney was just void of that and i feel like the disney kids grew up to be remember the rugrats episode we're chucky funds gun no cool cat back but it does sound like something it'd be in there i think i've seen every episode of the rugrats it's just a blur this point anybody that's like way too rugrats is in adults is like yeah like a weirdo yeah remember candace bailey on u pick live no i don't even know that show oh my god she was so shoes so hot and then she liked did attack of the show if years later and i was like candice like vac like she's following you.

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