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Seven seven asked tell it's six oh three at the bay area's news station temperatures are really gonna pop tomorrow and Wednesday little mini heat wave is coming our way good evening I'm Patty rising along with Jeff bell here's what's happening Alameda county is joining a growing number of cities and counties declaring a curfew tonight starting at eight KCBS is Jeffrey Schaub with more now from Oakland Jeff the a curfew across Alameda county affects some one point two million residents Alameda county sheriff's department spokesperson ray Kelly the public safety and experience all right now there's a tremendous amount of civil unrest Kelly says arrest data alone show that a great number of people are coming at the Alameda county from the Central Valley there are reports that caravans of ten twenty even thirty vehicles are entering the bay area with people intent on looting so how do you get people off the roadway get them at home and so then we can focus our energy on the cards that are on the roadway and then begin to look for pattern and both mobile track loaders that we've been seeing Alameda county's curfew is in effect between eight PM and five AM until Friday morning Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf also imposed a curfew today for those same hours but it is until further notice reporting live in Oakland Jeffrey Schaub KCBS thank you Jeffrey the list of bay area cities with curfews just keeps on growing I should add that they are veering like summer just for one night summer until further notice but here are the cities that we know about that have curfews at least this evening from seven or eight at night through early pre dawn hours Santa Rosa Fremont Pleasant Hill San Jose Santa Clara Hayward and San Leandro for more information about rapidly changing developments all over the bay area please visit KCBS radio dot com we are live blogging about the various curfew orders and providing a visual gallery of what's happening locally and now toward the creek where protests are continuing KCBS reporter making Goldsby is there she joins us live Meghan and Jeff that curfew Waller creek actually just went into effect it's six o'clock here now I'm around a group of about two dozen protesters and they're facing off against a line of police but a moment ago a huge cheer went up that's because the protesters have been chanting taken me trying to get the police officers to take a knee and one of them did.

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