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Spo- Evan then the winners. I guess people are more excited about they want to be positive. I guess that's good. Some of the losers. Amp Mullins submitted Todd Gurley Nelson. As one of the losers. Yeah. I have to agree with that. Todd Gurley was on my fade list for this year. And with the Rams drafting Durell Henderson that just reaffirmed my opinion that there's a little bit of smoke there with girly and some warning flags when Los Angeles matched Malcolm Browne's offer from Detroit and brought him back. They got John Kelly there that kind of I kept track of that in. It was kind of interesting to see that whole thing play out. And then as I'm watching the draft one of my questions that was in the back of my mind was are the Rams going to take an early running back here? They probably don't need it, you know, with John Kelly and bringing back Malcolm Brown. So that was my opinion. But when they took the row Henderson early in the draft that you know. That raise the red flag to me. So I think girlies just a full fade this year. Hate to. I hate to agree, but you have to have to and you know, they they traded up for Durell Henderson, and they matched that offer sheet Tanaka Brown. They didn't have to do that. That's he's not, you know, they never invested anything in. He was an undrafted free agent. He was even there before McVeigh got there. You know? So. There are a bunch of red flags here with Todd Gurley. The reports are that he has arthritis in his knee even come out and said publicly that they can't use him. Like they've used him for the past two to three years. It's going to be really interesting to see whereas eighty p ends up because I I did a Twitter poll the other day. And just you know, trying to get people to predict where his is his average draft position going to end up in the vast majority of people said, hey, still a first rounder. So I think this is a little edge that we can get you know, let other people take him in the first round will take safer picks and just let other people deal with that hassle. I will say this to Evan. If you remember last year, I told her the red flag on Doug Baldwin as soon as they as soon as that came out. The Todd Gurley stuff swelling Mets. There's a reason why they're swelling in his name it. He's going to have to be managed probably for the rest of his career. Unfortunately, what about Darius Geiss Scott rich submitted. This one is that just because of Bryce love in the fourth round, you think Nelson. Yeah. I have to agree with this with this suggestion also because when you look at the offense in general, it's not an exciting offense. He's coming off an injury. They resigned Peterson. I believe they brought him back. If you remember, you know, from a couple years ago Adrian Peterson when he went to New Orleans and was kinda, you know, rotating with Ingram, and Kamara that didn't go too well for a guy like Adrian Peterson and everyone I think remembers sees the highlights of Peterson looking like he was ready to kill Sean Payton, and what's going to happen here in Washington. Do people actually think that Peterson came back to get like five touches a game and be Geis's backup..

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