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Well very poised throughout the game This is working get, a ton of confidence, pitch great and we'd definitely We strive to win baseball games like? That for starting pitcher performs like did then why. Did you take out, and then this. Is his summation on Sarangani Dominquez this is not best not not wind I understand. That that's the, reality is that he's not hitting. His. Best right now Let's go Let's. Get Gary 'cause he's. Not pitch it. Is fast it's. Just illogic Yeah hundred ten pitches too many get them out did you, see the amount of. Runs he's given up in like. The past six he gave up six I thirty, four innings this year he's given up that many in, the last five five in the sky. Raise Allen this stuff with the you know. Why he took him out I'm gonna take exactly why took him out I'm pods Jones e. I. Would, bet my. Every dime I've ever made on, this hundred. Ten pitch yeah that's right took. Them out one hundred ten that's enough I. Don't wanna push it Allen the kid. Could have pitched, the? Ninth, dating we. Would have won the, damn game you know that right yeah hindsight's easy but if you're right. The hundred and ten pitches and. Then okay before and all that stuff but he was in complete control I may be with us no reason to remove. A guy who's in that kind of other guys didn't get, on base he. Would have been pitching. In the night. That's tells song Decision if you get a two run lead you don't have to worry about a three one lead the. Guy shutting the other out yeah here's how you know Alan The announcers for Arizona with thrilled when. They, took Ariana Herat they, were thrilled by the, idea that they get a shot at a different pitcher ninth-inning gave up one hit, in the ninth day was? Out. Yeah maybe he wouldn't have but maybe? We're not. But he's. Not the damage he does. Is that he doesn't manage. The game Olympics have him taking out Reese Hoskins and who else do you take out Cabrera compare compare the, it's a, two run game eight to two. Games game the long game to him is stemming has pitches well enough that he gets confidence back in the. Any wins. More games but competence and winning. That game he's not if this was affiliate team that came into, the season thinking they. Were going to be, really, good. I, don't I don't think he'd manage differently. He's managing now for the psyche of, Wyoming rather than the standing not the right thing Allah what a man hey don't well. I, haven't been like I said This was twenty five as anybody but I hate the shape all, the time shave is. A great one look, at, all. The, hairy man I, love that one To every day role you know. What I don't I can't really, speak to that I assume, you enjoy it I don't know there there are so. Many here that have not been named that? I don't wanna give the clues but I'm telling you guys I've said Jones. That this ruins my day every. Time nobody has said. That when is, that crazy there is nothing men wanna to do. Less, than that with a, few exceptions I never do it never anymore when we. Return out as you know I was, confronted with. A really major social event yeah at a baby shower. And I was happy to be, able to diagnose. That I have. An, affliction associated social behavior right? Dr Bob will be checking. In to help me. With that if you wanna look it. Up it's called frost so pag, nosy ah what an I have it and it's not my fault what. Happens after that but a very. Strange thing took place One of the? Most awkward moments in the. History of my social. Life weren't in the wrong thank you Roll it out. For you and you decide we'll give you a clue alcohol was involved. WIP sports, time nine eighteen America.

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