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Here's great Matt sake. Workout number two is in the books for the brewers pitcher. Jimmy Nelson remains right on schedule. After throwing another bullpen session. Temperatures in the high fifties today with a little bit of sun live batting practice. Also taking place journal sentinel beat writer Tom hardcourt believes the right field bleachers at Miller park going to be a busy place this season. What with the addition of Mike was dacas. I mean, they have a stunning array of left handed power hitters, you go down the line of guys like yelich, Sean James if they want to and then Grindal who I think will probably have a big home run here park. And now we've talked with rejoins the team left handed. Major league baseball will be implementing new rules to crack down on signs dealing in the coming weeks. Among the new rules all bullpen and clubhouse television monitors will receive game broadcasts on an eight second delay. In addition, no television, monitors will be permitted in the tunnels or auxiliary rooms. Between the dugout in the clubhouse. And finally each club must provide MLB an audit of every in house camera detailing its purpose wiring, and where the signal can be viewed college basketball tonight eleven eight Marquette hosts Butler in big east play. Tonight advisor forum golden eagles ten and two in conference play one half game back of doing before the top spot. You can hear that game tonight on ninety four or five ESPN FM tip off set for eight o'clock in just got done texting with Mike Lusaka's. He's going to join me all the program tonight. Fantastic about is. He a good guy. He is he a warm what we don't know him. He's an incredible guy. I I think last year it was a combination of a World Series, experienced player outstanding locker room fit outstanding culture fit you blend in seamlessly and also had a pretty decent season. Right. I mean, he's not back because he can't play you can certainly play along with all the other attributes he's not standing guy seems like a great locker room fit to you. Listen to the other guys talk about moose and boy they're excited. That's important. It really is. Winning teams you have to have it four forty seven at WTMJ. There are developments in the Justice small at case, we will give you those developments and then be joined live from Ryan burrow in Chicago. During the five o'clock hour WTMJ up next. I'm excited to share this with you, Steve Stricker, Wisconsin boy to captain the Ryder Cup team. We will talk through that Stricker with a lot to say today, and you will hear it up next than WTMJ. I.

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