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Cross Blue shield. Proud server, the human body, the most advanced The sea's cabin J. Hood. Enjoy the show each morning in your instant Grammys, Cap G Hood on Instagram Chicago home for ESPN 1000. Blocked me a few years ago on Twitter because they had the audacity to ask him a tough question that he didn't like. And we got sideways and next thing I know you aren't blocked from following Matt Forte 22. I have a burner that nobody knows what it is. So the two people that have blocked me that I know of them. Sure, there's other people out there and I could give a flying brick. Matt Forte and Brad Biggs. So I opened the notifications on both of them on my burner account. So all their tweets pop right up on the face of my phone, actually see them before. The ones on my normal account. I didn't know you had a burner count. Now I have one as well. I don't know that We got that in common Cap hood working with a couple of Kevin Durant's here. What the hell is going on? I don't want to sidetrack us because this is a serious conversation. But we need to get back to the fact that you both have admitted to having burner account minus capture Hood 100%, man. And I got to go from whoever devil has been the most supportive of cap and everything he's done on Twitter I got this is some good sleuthing. We have to do, Danny and figure out Caps burner. I've never tweeted about myself. I've never fact sounds like that. Sounds like something a man with a burner account with a lot of things I don't believe. Let me look, I do not believe that I've ever sent a tweet from that account again. Sounds like something someone with a burner account would say, um Right now, our support somebody, Chris Black has suggested cap has had a burner account for years. This is not shocking to me in the slightest How many followers do you have put her on the my The Catman account? No. The burner account burner account has it's the cat Man Account zero final. How many followers do you have on the Catman accounts? Quit her 107,000, okay? Bertha 3000 those air burner accounts. The burner account has zero followers. Zero. We'll get back to this. We've got to get well, Let's I used it. I got it simply. Because Brad Biggs blocked me and I wanted to give him a big middle finger. All right, let's let's get back to Matt Forte. And so then I got Matt Forte blocked me, so I set him up a cz Well, Take that Matt Forte 31233237. But what Matt Forte say we should like enlightened film that was very critical of Brian's post. Very critical. And you have it. I believe.

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