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So this story it ends with this new declaration of attendant also ends with a big splash page of the three remaining members of x calibre night. Crawler shadow cat and Phoenix posing all dramatically two of them in new costumes nightcrawlers back to his traditional costume after briefly with the one he got in space. Kitty Pryde, however is wearing a costume. That's a sort of higher tech more nineties variation on the X men yellow and black or yellow and blue training uniform. And she's going to have a version of that costume basically for the rest of her history up until the present day. It's kind of a shame because man that blew x caliber costume was pretty much the only one she's had that really had its own visual identity. Wasn't terrible. What I really wishes that she'd stuck with a one from true friends. But yeah, that was great that that. Jacket and stuff till I'm a little more. Okay. With it. Like I love kitty prides blue costume like her shadow cat costume. It's my favorite costume that. She's ever had. But I do feel like her character. Evolution makes her wearing something that feels that fanciful feel a little off. So I can understand wanting to make a change. Yes. He very much strikes me in this regard as the kid who was very very into fashion and dress up as a kid and hit the point as at adulthood where they just wore sweatpants nonstop for about five straight years because they just decided they were done without. They were tired of it just went totally utilitarian. Wait j I just realized something kitty Pryde got new costume. Everyone should take a drink. But specifically they should take like the first drink that. They drank the first time, they drank. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly that unless that was like, I don't know like terrible watery, American beer or something. Don't don't have that or vodka milk. Okay. So I was at a sleepover at my house when I was a kid and my friends decided we were going to raid the liquor cabinet and like mixed up together. But we had no idea what we were doing. Okay. I would like to state for the record that I was at. I was at the sleepover. At I tried to stop them. I tried to explain why this was about idea because I actually knew what the difference between Lakers were because apparently told me stuff, which was cool. But I also was a nerd and they decided they wanted to make white Russians, and they were like well is vodka colusa in cream. We don't have Kalou. We've got vodka and milk. That's going to be almost the same. Right. It wasn't. Yeah. Some of you didn't drink in high school because of ethics I didn't drink at high school because. I tried to drink in highschool just went terribly. Anyway, the point is kitty Pryde you to do costume. And that is great. And now, we're we're back to a core. Concept for character. We haven't seen in years as much as I loved that blue in the suck around forever. We also see Rachel summers. Phoenix in a blue and yellow variant of the Phoenix costume, which it turns out was the coloring error. She's going to be back in the red and yellow by the next issue. But I gotta say it looks pretty cool. Yeah. I mean, it's it's good for now. You know, what else is cool our listeners really cool and some of them have questions Devon asks by Email. I noticed that while lobbed all wrapped up a lot of dangling plot threads for Davis war wolves nightcrawlers powers cetera. I don't think he touched. Kitties powers..

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