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Do. Thanks. Well displeases like a laboratory. All the car parts broken TVs radio's bicycles. Look at this paper. It's a map of the city. And the listing of all the Christmas displays tree landings toy dry. This was the RDX so over there. But whereas its head you looking for this. What is this thing? Some kind of play buffer Christmas, Michelle, get it back. We don't want any trouble. Who argue are you bought Lewis? We're here to how how do you might need? It's hard to explain things get out of work to do what kind of work destroying more. None of your business. Tell them the truth, Manny, all of it. What truth? My name is Piper, and this is Many were from the North Pole. We came here to fund You, talk. I read your letter is on. When you send to see in town. You sent one two years ago, asking for your dad to come home. You need to get out of here. You melds another last year. You talked about how your dad missed Christmas and miss the cops and to please sent him home. What is that? Some kind of trick? I read them Lewis. I read them because it's May jobs, read them, you people are treated just Swede meal. She's telling the truth. She knows your letters by heart. We came here to see you. They're only two days until Christmas Eve. Christmas is a law. You don't leave night. We know you don't because you kept writing letters. You trust them to Santos Santa Claus is a law in green ink. Your grim. I'll give you the pen. You always put the scam upside down and you use to draw a little rain gear on the back, but you don't anymore. You wrote about your Tad. You're from the north. That's right. She worsen the Department of letters and paper built that reindeer himself. It's fullness of the four corners of the earth wrought emission, and you're part of a mission? Yes, from Santa. It's our job to make sure he has the list right The list he uses to the liver toys two boys and girls around the world. And what happens if you fail in this mission? But Christmas might not come at least not for all those kids on the list. So this mechanical reindeer's flew to see kids all over the world. That's right. And it's got against back to the North Pole while. So if a canton the mission fails mobilised No toys. Kids everywhere will be crushed. In St. wind. Okay. Let's not.

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