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This is a playoff team, son. Did they stop it? Could they stop an Indianapolis and pick up McAfee? Bring him back? No, and tell him he's on the plane. Yeah, hire him is a special teams coordinator. Rogers was not on patch show today. He's got stuff going on. Had to pick out a suit and pick out a pen. He's got stuff going on. That's a different shade of green too. Green Bay green. Who else can we get? Who else can we get? Who else can we get? Giannis? Can we pick up Giannis? Anybody wearing green? Just show how good you can look in green. Because at this point in time, now you can't, now you can't come away empty handed. Notre-Dame mascot. You can't come away empty handed now. You can't do this and come away empty handed. No, you can't find all the way to New York. So wherever Rogers is giants in North Carolina. Come on. All of a sudden, if you're going to pay a quarterback 40 million or more in your work, you're going to pay it to Rogers, not Daniel Jones. We're less than 90 minutes to tag deadline here. Tag deadline. But there's no word on Daniel Jones right now. Screw the tag deadline. I don't care about the tag deadline. This is about me right now and what's happening within my own skull. Just put it Hoskins pop it. Here's what sauce just said minutes ago. Hi, Aaron Rodgers. I promise you become a Jedi, I won't pick you off in practice and I'll burn the cheese said, well done. Love this guy. My guy saw us. And it's more like, oh, I got to hang with him. It's like, hey, everyone. Hi. Fellow youths. Happy read your tweets, fellow youths. Chris big hat. No, that's big cap. Yeah, I did that the other day. It's not great. So you thought I was messing with you all this time. And then you try to get away about Mike white and dad. Sauce Swanson. We're in now. More importantly. Your receivers won it. More importantly. Gary Wilson tweet, let me check. Yeah, but I'm sure he's in favor. Why wouldn't he? Does he fly back with him? No. Why wouldn't he? No, they're gonna have a good time. Where do you go to his favorite restaurant? What do you pick up to check? Woody's probably on the plane. How is woody and out on the plane? It's his plane. That'd be great. Let's go. Can we get Joe Rogan on the plane? Who else does he love? That podcast kind of he was just on his show. Is Mallory on the place? Come on now. Rumors. I don't know who else. What else can we get? The guy from the darkness retreat, maybe it ran down. I don't think he wants that guy. That guy babbled about, yeah, he just left. Can confirm. I got talks a lot. Bruce hall just posted a smiley face emoji. Did he really? Except it's not yellow, the traditional yellow, it looks like it's green. Don't mind me just manifesting at Aaron Rodgers 12, who said this? Resolve. Manifesting. All right. Kids are in kids are all right to me. They want them. Kids stays in the picture, Mike. I love it. Robert Evans. Can this actually happen? This is going to happen. I think this is going to happen. It's all happening. It's happening. Let's see what Garrett Wilson, this thing though. He hasn't read it in like a week. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Who else? All right. I can take a break on my collect myself. I'm going to collect myself. Aaron Rodgers. And if reinvigorated Aaron Rodgers all in, into his guys there in him, first blush total honeymoon, here we go. And then when he gets asked, the questions he doesn't want to get asked. Super Bowl. Maybe he'll just laugh it off and we won't have a problem. This is going to be great, good for business. It's going to be great for business. Very grateful. All those questions, all those things you were worried about, they're going to come to fruition and now we're going to see how he handles it. And then we got to get that guy with the kitten out. Get him back. Mikey, you might as well get a subscription to this. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Matt Jones. I could get my 12. Where's yours? How are you with a kitten? Hey, rich, this is jewelry. Baby. Hanging with a kid. Quick FaceTime name it right now? What do we FaceTime name it? What do you mean, what do I mean? Lots of Morris got to be happy. We're not facing. Name it in the break. Can I FaceTime you? Elijah Moore was ready to quit football last year. It's got to be happening right now. He's like, I'm gonna be there next year. Come on, FaceTiming name is get out of here. We'll give it to me in our face time. All right, we'll take a break. More reacting is conditions warrant. Just

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