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And i'm john hunt on america's morning news a group of senate democrats on tuesday said they intend to introduce legislation closing a loophole that lets a person purchase a gun if their background check isn't completed after seventy two hours senator richard blumenthal of connecticut announced the measure during a news conference along with senator dick durbin of illinois and chris murphy of connecticut the two spoke days after a man opened fire from the thirty second floor of mandalay bay and casino in las vegas killing fifty eight people and injuring five hundred twenty seven others the three called on congress to pass legislation to prevent the next mass shooting blumenthal said congress is complicit each day it fails to act we can break the grip of the nra and other special interest let's face it the reason we don't have gone safety measures in the united states today because of the nra and we will defeat them they are already losing their grip and we can break their stranglehold on legislation by continuing this fight and we will in senator chris murphy continued courtesy abc news this epidemic of gun violence is a uniquely american problem it doesn't happen in any other industrialized country and it's not because we have a higher rate of mental illness than other countries do is not because we spend less money on law enforcement than other countries do his because this country has a loosest set of gun laws allowing dangerous people two owned jane jurists weapons in.

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