Congress, President Trump, Ukraine discussed on Pete the Planner


Who first alerted Congress to the president's controversial phone call with Ukraine's president is on the GOP list of witnesses the Republicans want to hear from when house impeachment hearings go public this Wednesday house intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff has the final say but in since the whistle blowers testimony is no longer needed since other witnesses will provide first hand accounts of that phone call here's what Texas Republican congressman will heard had to say on fox news Sunday what I do would like to see happen is for Adam Schiff the chairmanship chairman of the house permanent select committee on intelligence to answer questions about what was his engagement with the whistle blower before the information his out of the whistle blowers allegations were transmitted to to the to Congress also won the GOP witness list hunter Biden and his partner she says that is outside the inquiry's focus president trump today tweeting that his call with Ukraine's president was perfect urging people once again to read the transcript and he says he will release the transcript of an April phone call he had with Ukrainian president a lot of years a Lansky this week no actual transcripts that we exist to presidential phone calls but notes are taken and the coals summarized the president also warning Republicans against being led into what he calls of fools trap of saying the call was not perfect but is not impeachable though the president announced he was pulling US troops out of Syria others are being deployed there how many general mark Millie chairman of the joint chiefs saying he would not give a number.

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