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S. C. L. A. department of public health teaming up to test the anybody's one thousand randomly selected volunteers across LA county C. B. as whose Greg mills reports a pinprick and ten minutes later the result which looks very much like pregnancy test with the and you know these lines of your daily whether you R. antibody positive or negative this is just step one a baseline test to be repeated on the same thousand volunteers every two weeks organizers in the study said the goal is to figure out the number of people in the county of had the virus and it'll help provide health officials with a better idea of how it spread the mortality rate and potential immunity latest series of storms has left behind a coat of snow in the San Bernardino mountains but we'll have to enjoy it from far away because the area is close for tourism and playing in the snow we need to keep our residents and our mountain safety and bringing up a lot more people increases the possibility of the virus being transmitted sambar Dino county supervisor Janice Rutherford tells KMOX the second reason is that more lawn force was needed when visitors are in the mountains she says officials don't want to possibly expose them to the virus either Rutherford asked people not both short term rentals he says that's against the current public health guidelines alley acts feeling the impacts of the pandemic your travels hit hard your forces departing passenger traffic has dropped by ninety three to ninety four percent compared to where it was this time last year most concessions are close rental car sales are down ninety percent has all this is going on we do still have our construction projects moving forward so we are looking at these projects there are some impacts is in as a result of covert nineteen and a beta that they work interim CEO Justin are buying she says the construction workers are adopting social distancing and other safety measures terminal three has been shut down because delta is consolidating operations JetBlue and United have cut flights got some road work in mid city LA on the ten your next ravage occurs in four minutes at six eleven Hayes helpful hardware folks at least we always have been and always will be committed to our local communities because we're here to help others so in this time of need your local place remains open.

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