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Next celebrating their holidays. Get a little get a little them time. This is Ben Clements and Nick Hyder will be talking with you for the next couple weeks about all things sports, sports related. Anything you want to talk to You Give us a call 5.283605 90. We've been talking some NFL football in the status. Of the Cowboys. The Chiefs of the Texans were Do you know the status of the Texans is right now it is they are stick in the mud. They're they're walking around in circles wondering what the hell they're going to do because Bill O'Brien decided to basically stick a fork in them midway through the season, but real quick. I want to switch gears here, and there's an interesting story coming out of 24 7 sports. This past weekend Big 12 championship, Oklahoma defeated Iowa State 27 21. But during this game, former Texas Longhorn defensive and Charles and meaning you decided to give his words on his past on Twitter. He said. During this game, quote my senior year. If we had better coaching, we would have whipped them, meaning the Oklahoma Sooners and or Iowa state cyclones. Interesting words coming from a very notable alumnus, Charles and many of you, who in his mind believes that if Texas had better coaching back in 2018 When Texas lost to Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship, they would have won that game and strong words from a very notable former Texas Longhorn. Is he right? Is this fair for him to say Because at a time right now, Tom Herman is getting a lot of criticism. Yes, he remains the head coach of Texas for another year. But it is not all fine and dandy. The 40 acres for Tom Herman. It is going to be a strange off season for him, knowing that his job was Was shocked around by his his boss. Crystal contact was this fair of tells me, you two say And is he right? If Texas had a different coach back in 2018? Would the horns have defeated Oklahoma and made it to the college football playoffs? I don't know. Uh, that was I think, in my opinion, unfair thing to say, because They beat Oklahoma earlier in the season. They did most of the right things they did. They had a couple losses. They got to the Sugar Bowl that year, but Very interesting words coming from Charles Manning. You give us a call 51283605 90 palaces. Was he and the right to make these these claims he has since deleted the tweet. Um, but he made his opinion known and If you're asking me that I don't think that's fair of him because the team ultimately plays the game. Yes, you can. You know, the coach gives you the game plan. You get the strategy from your coaches, but When it comes down to it. The players of the ones out there in the field, making the decisions making the doer die calls. So what do you think of this? Well, I mean, obviously, it sounds like Unfortunately, sour grapes, but I don't know if he's wrong now. Here's what I want to know from Charles is what specifically can you point to and say That was where it costs us? Because, you know, I remember that that well, like they were tied going into the fourth quarter. Believe so, like they were right there. It was like they got beat out now they you know they didn't score any points. The fourth quarter in Oklahoma State's are Oklahoma scored 12, and that was the deciding points of the game. And he's He's unfortunate. He's probably right. I mean, you think so. You think he's right of Texas had a different coach in different coaching staff in the Big 12 championship Back in 2018. They would have won that game. Well, it Z. Like when Tom Herman came to Texas. I was all about it because everybody was about it. She got. It was the hardest thing in college football. So like, like, Who would you point to? Can you go back to when the decision was made, And I know Jason likes always point out the water scenario of Tom Herman. We basically poached him from Ellis you You know, he did. If Tommy goes else you who do you get? But who was who was the move? Who was moved to make at the time? Yeah, At the time Being Tom Herman was the clear choice. Yes, And it's not like when, when Texas fired Mac Brown. Uh, you resent 2014 2013 back then. Charlie Strong was not the first choice. Charlie Strong was about the second or third pregnant. Not even was probably 34th choice in Texas, settled with Charlie Strong. Flash forward. You know, Texas Fire Charlie Strong and Tom Herman was the first choice. He was the hottest thing in college trouble. He had taken Houston from nothing to something. They had one bowl games They were winning their conference. So when Texas hired Tom Herman, it was the right call. It was the right move. But now some in Texas for players are saying, you know, we knew it back then he was not the guy. Yeah, And so the question remains. Is he the guy? What has he never been? The guy has taken Has this been all you know, Smoking mirrors for Texas thinking Tom Herman was a genius coach, but clearly his coat his former players think otherwise. Well, I do think for for Texas, the problems appear to be on the the defensive side of the ball like they're just have been terrible on defense and interesting because this was a defensive player that said this. Yeah, but But it goes back. It goes back to when they were trying strong days. It goes back to Eve with Mack Brown towards the end where I just I look at the defense and they just like they have no idea what's going on there..

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