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Special issues to those parts of the lifestyle as well particularly philanthropy art design so i along with deputy editor gdp on manage a lot of those types of issues but when i first came that's what i did i was just sort of exclusively working on special packages light comedy like our reality issue and now that i'm back in a different role i'm you know a right hand to our editorial director matt belony and just manage allotted different things he her astra visaless one thing that has happened since you return to t h r after the first thing is that donald trump has entered the equation of society and therefore also of ta hrc coverage how has his emergence as somebody beyond a reality show figure impacted life at t hr we did not you know will cover barack obama if he comes in speaks at dreamworks animation or something like he did but we were not involved with his stuff to day in the way that we are with trump right that's right and i think you know you've said it he he came from reality television or he came from new york real estate and then via reality television arrived at the white house that really made it a story that's fully mta charged lane his campaign his election and and the many sort of tools of entertainment npr ends to some extent reality tv that he uses in getting message across now so no we're not we're not a politics magazine but this story really sits squarely because of who he is and where he comes from and how he has executed the role so far it does really sit squarely as an entertainment story at certainly dominates the news media which is also an area that we cover fully so it's changed you know we we trying to take a to distracted not every trump stories a t hr story but you know when he dominates the headlines and dominates the late night shows it is and it's a surprise every day with him and we you know we have our own as we've said you know complicated stories happening here in hollywood that many see as intersecting with his election so it's it's something we kind of deal with every day in just a note we.

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