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For taking my call. Hello, Dr Klein. Um, two questions. Um, we knew they are shit when the corporate first broke out. We'd be in this situation. We are. We are today and to, uh, after the East one and one. Why do not, uh two other administrations Obama and Trump Prepared the country, the doctors and nurses. With the equivalent needed in case like this now. We'll break out and actually secrets. How can we be more prepared in the teacher? All right. We was probably the best overriding question of all, Dr Klein. What lessons should we have learned from this pandemic for the next one? Yes, so that the idea about protection is great and it It's definitely right. I mean, you know we're talking. I don't know, 15 years ago. I guess that was to the ball of the 2000. Nine was H one h one n one, and which turned out not to be such a big deal, And I think the problem is is you know you get lulled into a sense of comfort and we hit and we have got to mean nothing like this in 100 years, but we have these epidemics and then they go away and we move on and And and it's expensive, for example, to store protective equipment and those sorts of things because they outdated and and you know, you end up wasting them or throwing them away, you know, and I think, you know, I think that that our politicians tend to live for the moment, you know that. I think we see it everywhere and are spending and everything we do. They they? It's almost as if they're responding to the current news headlines, and I think I think we need some better longer term strategic planning. Uh, first of all, to make sure that that our health care system is or their health care workers. Are prepared to have enough equipment that sort of thing to to move ahead. We need. We need to keep constant stockpiles of of of equipment in those sorts of things, and I think You know, we really should not now that we have the vaccine technologies, which can be radically adapted to new vaccines. I think we need to put a lot of energy and effort into into continuing to develop those so that we're We're protected. I mean, we we, You know, we're very vulnerable to flu flu epidemic and in fact, people were predicting that, uh, they it may surprise you to know that the World Economic Forum said the United States was the best prepared country. In the world to to deal with an epidemic. Uh and they said that right at the beginning of, uh of this of this crisis, So, uh, it's not. It's not unique to the United States. No, and, uh, in that regard, should we not When we prepare and stockpile of a future should we not do so off of resources that are hours. That is to say not be dependent on any foreign country for those pandemic resources, especially one which is generally antagonistic to us. Yeah, I mean, that's such a great point, and we, you know, we get shifted. So much of our manufacturing and so many critical elements of the operation of of our society have gone overseas, and sometimes it's just to save a few bucks. I mean, it's not E. There really is no value to it. And I think I think we need to. We need to Be more vigilant. But you know, the problem isn't being lulled into a sense of complacency, which which is what normally happens. Yeah, Skip in Burlington, Vermont. Hello. Germany. I'm going to make a statement. Then when I ask her questions Um Also soon That it was, uh, saris was Now, uh, weaponized. And you're out was the These two people. Just the news reported. What's the next step? Well, I missed. I guess the gist of that Skip, we don't have any proof that anything. Quote unquote was weaponized. What exactly are you asking? Well, how the hell this is SARS escaped from the lab. Well, it's a great question to ask at this juncture. I I suppose we could. We could ask, uh, The sky as far as that's concerned, doctor client. I mean the Chinese, presumably by now, no and the Chinese were almost certainly not going to tell us. So is one of the great question. I don't know what the answer is forthcoming, is it? No. I mean, we know some people were infected, for example, in that lab, but we don't know they were infected with covid I Yeah, You know, I if if it came from the Wuhan virology, and soon and again, it may have It likely was an accident because there would be no point In in in deliberately releasing something that would would cause you the the harm that this caused, uh, China itself, So I don't think that anyone deliberately The deliberately released it. You know whether it was weaponized or was kind of weapons research is what I would say. I have no idea. Um I You know, I sort of biological weapons like this truthfully, have never been very successful. And I'm not. You know, I would be a little skeptical of of that notion. There are lots of reasons to do research. And so I would. I would. You know, I would be much more. You know, I certainly would believe that it's possible it was manipulated. But I you know whether you know I I don't know that it was, by the way. I don't know where it came from, but but I think and none of us do, but I, You know, I think, And it's certainly possible there was military research was part of military research. I mean, we just don't know. It's just these types..

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