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Be enforcing it? Not long after Governor Evers executive order was announced Thursday requiring anyone at least five years old to wear face covering within a public indoor place. Sheriff's across the states, saying they will not investigate any complaints for possible violations. Over a dozen have released statement, citing their reasons, ranging from a lack of resource is to properly enforce to not wanting to question a person's medical condition for not wearing one and seeing it as a constitutional overreach. One exemption is Sheboygan County. In their statement, they said they will use the mandate as an educational tool to encourage people to wear a mask. And Milwaukee now and face 4.1 of their moving forward plan. The changes made allow schools to offer in person classes with 50% capacity after their safety plan gets approved by the city's health department, bars and restaurants will remain a 50% capacity, but they will need a safety plan approved by September 15th. Mayor Tom Barrett says. It's about slowing the spread of covert 19. If people are working with us, and if they're doing what they can to help us reduce this part of the disease. That's what's going to be more powerful than anything. Gyms and athletic centers can We open with restrictions on how many people could be there. An employee at a sicko gas station in Sheboygan killed after being struck by a vehicle Friday afternoon, police say, took place just after 1 30 near 14th and Jefferson as the employee was assessing equipment on the parking lot. No one else was injured and the driver of the vehicle remained on scene. One person is dead after they were shot and dragged by a vehicle on Milwaukee's Northside Friday morning, police say. The 49 year old Milwaukee woman was one of two people shot 27th and Atkinson 28 year old Milwaukee man expected to survive just today, I snapped. Good words of Matthew Garcia, the only Brewers fan who tailgated in a Miller Park parking lot. Friday. He tells teams for news. He wanted to do something that would be part of its normal summer routine broads and.

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