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To fourteen Butler falls to Davidson fifty two to ten the Indy eleven soccer season comes to an end they fall the Eastern Conference final Lobel city FC three to one hand over beats rose home in forty two to thirteen and the division three level the pop over Oberlin thirty four to nothing and Wabash beat Hiram twenty four to nothing for network Indiana sports I'm John correct welcome back everyone of Bob Lobel this is in the in the sports talk college football today Wabash twenty four nothing winners over hiring AL lock up at least a share of the NC a C. title in the last game played in venerable Holland little giant stadium the head coach of the little giants don real joins me don a lot going on in today's game congratulations thank you Bob we also walked up the playoff spot for a conference which means more work yeah just a tiny bit well yeah congratulations to me you started out lose that first ballgame of the regular season and didn't go to this point seven in warning the NCHC and that is that's quite an accomplishment really congratulations to you and your guys thank you I I think that game at Wisconsin Stevens point which is a constant and that was eight weeks ago I think it made us a better football team I really did out with password unit prepared us for our conference which is not easy and always worked out well right so you pick to shut out today over hiring and obviously you get a lot of guys who played well normally playing well like a Liam Thompson who complete seventeen passes under fifty five yards a touchdown you go up and down the list which is to Isaac a van another one of those days Cooper Solomon playing well good solid day for the little giants it was the side bar it kind of bitter sweet were building the new football stadium which certainly is very exciting and kids and players and alarms are excited about it in case you've played the last game in the old stadium it was pretty bitter sweet we had a lot of alarms there played in the seventies and the eighties and the nineties and wanted to see if go out on a limb and then and we did that build the traditional Wabash college is incredible well you know once two hundred five wins in that stadium were you present low over the years and it's I don't see always stadium my goal on campus and I know you're you're right it is because we can't help but be anything other than that and what better way to say goodbye to it and to get a big window lock up but she well ironically with the wind today Wabash college have bridged five wins a year over the entirety of the place and we call a five home games every year from it is something all right so we can talk about it now kit with the bell game coming up next week of the hundred and twenty six time they played in when we understand what the week is about well it did tell is I'm calling you at eleven fifty on Sunday night I just got home so no we're getting ready for the ball game already and what a is just the bell game as the bell game anybody can win it I love that when coaches say you know throw the records out there and and and and it sounds like garbage but that's true it's true so we are getting ready for the bell game the bell was ringing on our campus already today this evening and it will ring and tell the morning and then we play at the bar next week what matters little giants wrap up the conference will have one more conference game excuse me but they have assured themselves of a trip to the NCAA national tournament with a twenty four nothing went over Hiram college saying goodbye to their stadium today with this big win the bell game next week at the palm Goneril thanks for staying up late I appreciate a good luck next week Bob thanks for all you do I appreciate it thank you final break some final thoughts lot of balata games today we're.

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