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After we do our yoga class. And so i was like it's quick. We'll just go spend like fifteen minutes or so. He is just like has no idea what's going on the no clue favorite movie of all time. Top three i won't say baker but it's up top three and he talks all the time he made me too. Yeah god no godfather and shawshank redemption. No good one. No good will hunting. No you're never gonna have to look it up. That's atri gladiator hang. Can you just stand by no airplane. I you know what you guys. Dumb and dumber. Oh ace ventura pet detective tom. Because i've seen all those where is it. Oh there's no spacer on their top gun green mile no okay. So let's raiders of the lost ark. No you guys. All know didn't go in that direct notes. Page all what. I need to see what hold on but the movies are true romance and godfather and then the third one was a back to the future tells us a lot about by the way does it. Yeah nothing bad. I just i feel like i know him better if knowing those are three three. Yeah i mean look at my notes know so we used to have high cholesterol aspects it. It's easy stuff. It's like candies favorite drinks. Like all this stuff. I know now but i didn't in the beginning like hearts of palm so funny. Wait this amazing that notes. Yeah like i know. I know now like his parents. Names long yeah for a minute shoes. Okay beatles rolling stones beastie boys sublime paul simon. Wow okay old school school very old school okay. So anyways so were asking him kind of like. Do you have any guesses of where we're going. And he was like it was like i. Where are we going to go. Stop by for a few minutes. And he's like is some laker practice facility. And i was like. Oh that's cool like shoot. He knows that my notes page and And then i thought maybe i was like overselling it as a super low expectations were gonna dry by somewhere like no big deal and so we're like driving and it's like a residential area so he's like are you a kia no so that's okay the bars low barlow feel good bill gates and then drive onto the street and we've got in front of the house. He looks at he was like. Is this value. Like new ways back. The house. And i was like yes. And he's like that is so funny and so if you know the movie it's martin flies house. It's not doc's house the mall eastern to recently flies house. Yeah so we've put parked the car. We got like two pictures of him in front of the house. And then there's this girl that was across the street and she's saying that people like are a constant coming by taking pictures in front of this house and she was saying that her grandma is lives across the street and that people her her van was in the actual movie and they like all silting. It's like the cool thing that every year on what dates back to the future day or something over something but is the day that they leave eighty five and go to one thousand nine. I believe yeah they do like a big thing where they get a delorean and they're like bring it onto the street and so i think that's really cool anyways. He thought i was really thoughtful and sweet and he really enjoyed it. So is a home. Run for tanya. It's great. I recommend the to any tourists. The brady bunch house has also fantastic even better than it used to be. Because of course they've made a look exactly like the tv show show that did for hdtv or whatever. It is the golden girls house. I don't recommend they've painted. They put up a fence. They clearly want no part of the pop culture history. They're living in and so it's not worth the trip. I know so. I think he felt a little bashful taking photos in front of liberty taking photos and he was kind of like Like people are like living in there. This is a weird them. Like and then. I kinda got him loose in goose and he was like okay. This is actually like really cool. Yeah i like. They obviously haven't changed anything. It looks the same. Yeah it's cool. Cool yeah so slam dunk. And then he said he has somewhere that he wants to take me. Maybe it's were the little liars lift. I don't think he knows. I liked point so i don't think that but i don't know. He said there are some where he wants to take me kind of similar vibes of like we just go but he said more he said it's more of an experience. Is he taking you to the warner brothers. Lot to on the friend set. No i have. I have a feeling i don i guess it because again. I don't wanna like whatever. But i feel like it's sort of like butterfly museum or something. That sounds fun. Yeah we love a butterfly exhibit. Ti well somewhere somewhere along in the weekend. Tanya texts me goes. did you watch the grey's anatomy finale. And i was like a have not yet and she was like back the mark. Have you watched it. Yeah of course not great. Oh hey john biz. i waste ingrid i. yeah. I think we. I think we got ingrid bergman conversation. So we have ingrid michaelson finale by the way. Her song spoil spoiler alert is the very end of the episode. And she's been a part of the grey's anatomy like a soundtrack of their anatomy. If you will yeah. She's an part of me but she's had so many iconic songs like just on the show and outside of this and like her biggest one is louie as say good morning has never been more of song. It's still the no the way. I am playing music on these podcasts. Now you just can't my singing voice. Sorry not sorry so We're gonna bring her in to talk about her song. That's in the finale to begin again with rain and i'm super excited. I'm a big fan. I got pretty geek out. When we found out. Who's going to be on the podcast. And then i guess after that. We discussed the finale. Exactly which i am just like shook. Mark is even trying to defend this. I think there are some positives. In this case. Okay going grab and.

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